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One Viewing Is Not Enough

By WetNOregon
Written November 05, 2012
There are so many threads to this movie a person might have to see it several times just to follow each one. As an example, what is the meaning of the shooting-star birthmarks and why does just one person in each segment have one?
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Beautiful Storytelling

By Mousedancing
Written October 27, 2012
It takes a little while to get into each of the revolving story lines due to the constant changing between each, but once you get enough of each story to get involved, it's like watching several movies at one time that have subtle overlaps with each other. Each mini-movie is very different, so whether you're a fan of crime dramas, epic buddy movies, love stories, or comedies there is something here for everyone and even more if you love a great story no matter how it's told. It was great seeing all the actors play so many different parts. One downside is that it seemed that we didn't get to see all of the some of the details were a bit of the final message impact was missing - but an epic thought provoking movie none the less, and beautifully weaved together.
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No point in wasting your time...

By sallysue99
Written March 28, 2015
This movie was a bunch of jumbled stories that tried to make some sort of statement about fate and life but it fell way short of the mark - ultimately, it made you feel that there might be no point in living at all - don't waste your time or money.
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Cloud Atlas -- worth watching

By campomizzi
Written November 05, 2012
Overall the film was worth seeing. Granted you had to pay attention through out the entire film to connect the characters and piece together the message -- not a tremendous challenge. Granted the dialogue of the future timeline was terrible corny, but the characters made it worthwhile. Watching how characters did or did not develop throughout the time lines was interesting and picking out each point of change and then reflecting on it afterward was the fun part. The time jumps can get a bit much, but in the end they reconcile comfortably.
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I loved it!

By Carrolla
Written September 04, 2015
I saw this movie yesterday and was mesmerized by it. I believe in the premise that everything is connected and that we live many lives on this Earth so I found it fascinating! It was visually stunning. At 2hr. 45 min. and 3 directors it was an epic. I plan on seeing it again at an IMAX theater because I am sure there are a couple things I didn't quite pick up on and want to examine closer. It was intriguing. I know many reviewers have also mentioned wanting to see it a 2nd time - which is good, it'll make up for the fundamentalist religious types that refuse to open their minds.
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