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Terrific! Meaningful! Philosophical! A MUST SEE MOVIE.

By N.8.Tster
Written November 29, 2014
Despite what some people say about the film being flawed or corny- it is not. I believe this film will greatly echo with the ones that believe in the inter-connections of people and our actions and those with a philosophical mind-set. To me, I would compare Cloud Atlas to a bottle of expensive perfume in the way that; like the perfume that consists of many interesting and complex aromatic notes to make up a bottle of fine fragrance that compels us to smell and re-smell; so too, is Cloud Atlas consisted of interesting and beautiful layers of meanings, ideas, and stories that invites the viewer to watch and re-watch to better grasp its beauty and, at the same time, its complex yet simple story. Cloud Atlas pushes the boundaries of your typical formulaic Hollywood films and provides Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy-what have you, into one movie and it does so very well. I'm above satisfactory with this film and I hope you, too, will find it incredible.
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By mark46
Written November 11, 2012
Boring. Oh yes, and depressing, but mainly boring. Incoherent too, but mainly boring.
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Great movie!!

By danaberry99
Written July 12, 2013
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Cloud Atlas: great movie or great confusion?

By dianavbarrett
Written July 29, 2014
I sometimes see a film for the plot, the actors, the cinematography, the directing or just for pure entertainment. It's hard to find a niche for this one. It's a huge film, so many stories, plots, subplots, actors in multiple roles (was that really Halle Berry? No, it couldn't be...wait, maybe it was?) This is a real "suspend your disbelief" film, don't even think about leaving the theater for popcorn, just go with the's too long, probably too daring and too complicated but somehow it works. I found myself thinking about the ideas, broad as they are this morning..are we all connected? does one door open into another? All in all well worth the time...although I did turn on my phone to check the time...more than once.
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I joined Fandango to warn you against this movie

By TangerineM
Written December 17, 2014
Please do not subject yourself to this waking nightmare. It is ironically everything the obfuscated thesis of this movie warns against. Powerful people, aka the Wachowski directors, wielding their power for the simple reason that they can and subjecting everyone else to their whims and illogical ideas of what the world, in this case a movie, should be. Complete disregard for the audience, which I should have known by its length of nearly 3 hours. Shame on you people for making this movie, and wasting all that compelling imagery on complete nothingness.
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