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By thedoctor777
Written October 14, 2015
This is a complex and confusing film. The first two hours are too hard to really follow as to what is going on. The last hour of this film is phenomenal, You can start to see how the first two hours ties together. It's also when the film turns to political views and social commentary. The last hour consists of CGI that is right out of TRON and many scenes will reflect scenes from previous films like ROAD WARRIOR, WATERWORLD, MUTNEY ON THE BOUNTY and ROOTS. I almost gave this film a so/so rating, there was no need for the F word and nudity that added nothing to character or situation developer. I was impressed with the makeup in this film. Many of the actors play 5, 6, and 7 rolls. Excellent acting; but the story from start to finish is hard to grasp. I think we go to the movies to be entertained and not to have to work this hard to understand the storyline. If you don't mind the first two hours that are all over the place to get to the last hour, then please go see this one.
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By andrewlipsky1
Written October 05, 2015
Roger Ebert gave Cloud Atlas a glowing review and 4 stars which is especially poignant because the film got mixed reviews and the film has been dumped on critically. But I feel like he got it - the film is really ambitious, powerful, moving, and a rare paean to not only the indelible interconnectedness of humanity and human longing, but to freedom and self-determination that captures the eternally recurring moral struggle, at times violent and not for the weak-willed, necessary to secure one's own liberty and happiness and preserve it for generations to come. There is a lot take in, and may benefit from repeat viewings, but very, very worth it. Awesome.
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3 hours of kicking a dead horse

By Beamersz3
Written November 04, 2012
I went into this movie really wanting to like what I was about to watch. It started off scatterbrained, mostly just to introduce the characters, but after the initial pile on of characters and timeline stories, nothing really changed. Every time some "profound" point came across, it was so obvious, and really just common sense, that it didn't feel like any sort of commendation was in order. Big corporations can be evil, slavery is bad, greed kills, yadda yadda. You might as well just watch a movie explaining that lighting yourself on fire is a bad idea, because duh, it is. My drive home was spent trying to figure out if i disliked Prometheus or Cloud Atlas more.. yay.
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Lots of action and entertainment

By lightning1
Written March 04, 2015
This one has something for everyone. The several stories interweave nicely. I like how the actors played multiple parts. In some ways better than the book, it highlighted more of the parallels between stories and cut out some stuff that was not needed. The book was good, too, of course, just a bit different. Very rich visually, it even looks expensive to make. Nice job(s) on an ambitious project(s)!
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Terrific! Meaningful! Philosophical! A MUST SEE MOVIE.

By N.8.Tster
Written May 03, 2016
Despite what some people say about the film being flawed or corny- it is not. I believe this film will greatly echo with the ones that believe in the inter-connections of people and our actions and those with a philosophical mind-set. To me, I would compare Cloud Atlas to a bottle of expensive perfume in the way that; like the perfume that consists of many interesting and complex aromatic notes to make up a bottle of fine fragrance that compels us to smell and re-smell; so too, is Cloud Atlas consisted of interesting and beautiful layers of meanings, ideas, and stories that invites the viewer to watch and re-watch to better grasp its beauty and, at the same time, its complex yet simple story. Cloud Atlas pushes the boundaries of your typical formulaic Hollywood films and provides Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy-what have you, into one movie and it does so very well. I'm above satisfactory with this film and I hope you, too, will find it incredible.
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