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Tom Hanks does it again...

By playtone22
Written May 25, 2017
...another must see film! Amazing. It may be close to 3 hours; however, it does NOT feel like it. It's a ride and an enjoyable one.
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So bad that I'm reluctant to see a 'Hollywood' production ever again

By ironbull45
Written January 18, 2017
I would have preferred to stay home in a cold/dark house (Hurricane Sandy) than to have watched this disconnected mess. I recommend seeing it, though, so you can be disabused of the notion that 'Hollywood' types are altruistic/generous people. This exemplifies the blood suckers that they are. Tom Hanks - Shame on you! Halle Berry - You should know better. Susan Sarandon - At this point in your career, I'd expect nothing less. Use this movie as a benchmark for critics. If they recommend it, never, ever go see a movie recommend by them again.
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By noregrets1979
Written March 29, 2017
well i didnt fall asleep so thats good. the movie had its funny parts, interesting parts, emotional parts, creepy parts, cool made-up-language parts. it just took me a minute to begin to make sense off all the different characters, but atleast they wrap it up nicely, well i still have questions but for the most part i got the gist. im not a harsh critic so i say its worth checking out.
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Cloud Atlas

By millfordg
Written September 29, 2016
Very few in the theater the night my wife and I attended. Ahead of us a couple got up and left (my wife informed me later). I have rarely walked out of a movie, but this was disjointed,and vile. If I was awe struck with anything, it was the lack of concern for the audience. Reviews on TV had lead me to the theater, but instead of enjoying it, we were aghast at it. Money wasted.
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A visual poem & an ode to the power of love

By rednicademus
Written May 28, 2017
A very lyrical story, written and executed like a musical composition. What a beautiful film, daring and unafraid to be different.. It encourages you to dream, and forces you to think.
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