What Is "Cloud Atlas"? Go See It!!!

By comixfreek
Written October 28, 2012
This movie is a heady, trippy exploration of freedom, love and boundaries. Don't listen to the reviews - see the movie on the big screen and make up your own mind!
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cloud atlas

By itsacalling
Written November 05, 2012
this is by far the best movie i have seen in years. one of the best i've ever seen in my 30 years of living. do not pay any attention to the negative reviews. this movie received a 10 minute standing ovation after it premiered at the sundance film festival this year. watch the movie and you'll see why.
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Cloud Atlas

By michaelscholes
Written October 29, 2012
This movie is an amazing tribute to movie making. To make visual and connect the dots in such a conscious way is something that only great directors and story tellers can do. While it was somewhat hard to get into in the beginning by the time you have time to think you are already absorbed by the story as it connects together one of the most complex plots portrayed on the big screen. It leaves one seeking more even though it’s almost 3 hours in length. The audience is then able to make conclusions for themselves by the time that it completes its journey and bring forth its divine messages.
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Stunning visuals & extraordinary acting make up for disconnected storyline

By LiftYourVoice
Written October 28, 2012
Well this movie was beyond my expectations. I'm not quite sure how to critique it. If you go with any expectations, you may leave dissapointed. However, I quite liked it. To me, it was like seeing or hearing about different storys randomly throughout the movie. They don't always relate to each other but seeing the same actors playing other roles is quite entertaining. I'll need to watch the movie again to better understand it myself. This movie does have it all though, comedy, sci fi, action, suspense,horror, thriller, EPIC. I don't see why their are so many bad reviews about this movie though. Perhaps mankind isn't sophisticated enough to enjoy the art of this film. Although I can't say that it's so amazing, you'll be missing out on a masterpiece if you don't go.....I can say that it's worth watching if you have about 3 hours to spend.
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another time travel twist

By jeepercju
Written October 28, 2012
This movie is another way to think about time travel. It has real good acting and makeup. It didn't bore me at all but it wasn't a real thriller like I thought maybe it would be. I did enjoy. It would have been good to see in 3D and not IMAX. This was my first IMAX movie and I didn't see any difference. I was in the middle of the theatre and wasn't impressed with IMAX..
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