Long but worth every minute

By Drewbowski
Written August 24, 2016
there was not a single minute of this movie that I did not enjoy. Music was superb. Acting was incredible (Hanks may get another Oscar). Production design along with special effects will blow your mind. They spent the money on this movie to make it what it should be. Spectacular! Granted it is three hours long and the story jumps around quite a bit I was enthralled by every character and every story line. This will probably win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. If it doesn't, I'll be very disappointed with the judgement of the voters.
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Long but needed to be longer

By MedRed
Written October 25, 2016
There's romance, action, drama, and sci-fi yet it doesn't come off as trying to be something for everyone. Each element exists in its place. I may sound crazy, but this 3 hour movie really could have used another 30-40 minutes. This movie did an excellent job of transitioning between story lines. The downfall of having so many story lines is that there wasn't enough time to develop certain characters and create the emotional attachment necessary to get the full magnitude of several well acted scenes. There is also a big leap in timeline for two of the scenarios that left me wondering what happened prior to those periods in time. This 3 hour movie did a great job of keeping up the pace. The acting and visuals were top notch. It just needed a little more time to put more meat on the bones. Someone was probably trying to make sure the movie didn't exceed attention spans, but with this many story lines... the extra time would have been appreciated.
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One Drop in the Ocean

By Escape_2012
Written September 30, 2016
Take a bathroom break before sitting down to seeing this convergence of life stories, also better pay attention because there are a lot of 'connect the dots' running thoroughout the story line. If you read the book then this will be a real treat; otherwise . . . . you might find that its a little bit 'complicated.' The acting was good and the performance well played with fantastic cinematography.
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Amazing for a movie I couldn't understand

By shermworm
Written June 25, 2016
I really have no idea how a movie like this gets made other than the fact that the Wachowski brothers and Tom Hanks are box office gold. But as strange and non linear as it is, it has a beauty and artistic essence that lost cannot be found anywhere else. Just made me feel. When was the last time a movie opened up your feelings on a purely visceral and emotional level?
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Complex and rewarding

By Malinfox
Written March 24, 2017
I read the book and loved both it and the movie. They are different experiences and the movie, I think, retains the spirit of the book in a surprising way. Intercutting the six storylines made them easier to keep track of; I never forgot one or felt lost. The message of the story remains as powerful from the movie as it was in the book, and the acting and set/costume design are as terrific as I would have hoped for.
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