Entertaining but hard to follow

By MusicMaverick
Written October 29, 2012
A lot of things going on to keep you engaged, but it was difficult for me to follow. I felt like I need to sit down with a DVD of the movie and a white board and try to connect all the dots. There were a few story lines that I thought they could have easily cut out, which makes me think I was still missing parts.
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Not what I expected

By lyssa0128
Written October 31, 2012
I had seen the critics rating of so-so just before I left to go see Cloud Atlas, so I was a little worried about spending the money for the IMAX ticket. WOW! I had nothing to worry about here. This was one of the most unusual (but in a GOOD way) films I have ever seen! It can be kind of difficult to follow at first, but then you get into the groove of the film and it is simply a beautiful, beautiful film. Definitely GO!!!!
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Entertained but confused

By dj_fabulous
Written November 04, 2012
This was a very interesting film. In much of it I got a "Blade Runner" vibe...which I love! The story was difficult to follow, yet very engaging - it was interesting to see the same actors play across characters and time. Often extremely well acted. Some bits of this movie to me feel were like a comic book. Lots of violence. And then, tenderness that kept me engaged. am happy I saw this flick, although I would have liked to have understood the story better as things evolved. I am now going to read the book.
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Good But Confusing

By pagary1968
Written November 03, 2012
I like SYFI movies, including this. But I found it very hard to follow. The scenes were switching around quickly. I was trying to identify the stars as they appeared in the movie, some were easy to id and others were extremely hard. This in one of those movies that you have to see a second time, to get what you missed on the first go-round.
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Beyond Disappointment and Into Nausea

By aebteacher
Written November 01, 2012
There is a twisted technique of cutting multiple stories and jumping between their scattered dead pieces. Bad writers and bad TV use it to keep our attention on lame content. Technique is abused by this movie to the limit – it can literally drive people sick. Movie is ugly salad made with meaningless irrelevant already seen story pieces, scattered through centuries in past, present, and future. Several people are shown in different roles and times, lacking any sense or continuity. Movie nearly made me vomit twice: once I was overloaded by media burst; once I was sickened by two men kissing in bed (**** nausea). I watched it in IMAX, and suffered: I felt that my brain was raped; I nearly left a few times. Sound poured in bursts of torture: gun shots were amplified into explosions. Video was mind-bending: scenes were magnified beyond natural field of vision. I took prescription pill for headache, and another pill for nausea, and slept away this nightmare.
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