See this on a big screen

By kamonro
Written October 29, 2012
This was a must see movie. You need to pay attention or you will lose who is doing what when. The movie has a lot of jump shifts from personal scenes and times. I liked that they kept the same actor (Hanks, Berry, Weaving, et. al.) through the time threads, otherwise I would have been lost. I wonder how the author does this in the book without the immediate visual connection in the movie. Good acting and a good story line. Go see this movie.
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Best movie since Avatar

By eliliang
Written October 29, 2012
For me, this is the best movie I have seen since Avatar. I enjoyed it so much, I was so sorry it was over that I bought the book on my Kindle and read that cover to cover too! (This is my first review ever--I felt I had to make a comment)
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See Cloud Atlas

By benerwin
Written October 28, 2012
This movie has six tightly woven threads, into a strong rope of a file played by an ensemble cast of brilliant actors. It's a thinking person's movie, so pay attention to it's brilliant subtleties and nuanced story. This movie deserves to be supported so Hollywood will make more like it.
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Cloud Atlas

By CinemaSteve
Written November 03, 2012
If you are a movie aficionado, then this movie is a must see. I rank it up with Matrix and Avatar. It's not for everyone. There are many interweaving story lines. I will see this movie at least once more. Try not to figure it out, let the experience wash over you. Then over coffee after the movie, and discuss some of the big questions being asked - hear what your friends think about it. If you go to movies to escape then go see the Seven Psychopaths. If you don't "get" this movie - don't ***** about it just realize it's over your intellectual capabilities. CinemaSteve
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Call me crazy but I really really liked this movie

By kmoney51
Written October 29, 2012
I never heard of the book and didn't really see much as far as previews for this movie. I was really surprised with how good this movie turned out-a perfect blend of drama, comedy, action, science fiction, romance, and probably a few more genres all in a 3 hour movie. Tom Hanks is great as multiple characters as each actor/actress plays more than one character. Halle Berry still looks great, especially in that white body suit. The scenery throughout the different time periods was perfect as it set the mood for each story. I can see how some people were confused as the half dozen stories were very unique but each had a similar message. Aside from the attempt to make an asian girl look hispanic and caucasian a few of the stories, the other cast members were convincing in their other roles. If your looking for mindless entertainment then I would skip this one but if you are looking for something that will enlighten you and give you a different view of the world then check this out.
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