Closed Circuit Synopsis
Former lovers find their lives in danger after joining the legal defense team of a terrorist.
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Closed circuit movie

By travel-movie girl
It was pretty much not a suspenseful movie like they showed on the trailer. I normally cannot figure movies out, but I figured every step out- until the end. The end was actually good, but not worth...

Closed Circuit

By mgstockholm673
The characters were uneven, especially the male leading role. The MIA friend of his was excellent, also the grey haired lawyer. The ending was a bit loose. In general, good story....

Closed Circuit

By areyes1010
I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I do not understand what confused the critics, it was quite clear to me. The chemistry between Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall was believable. I left feeling the plot was...

Who's watching Who???

By lvnrn03
This is a film about paranoia, about people wondering if they’re being watched, if they’re being followed, about national security and whether or not the government should be called the good guys or...

Makes you think

By richwb2
Good movie! Much better than Hollywood normally puts out. More intrigue than action. I would recommend this movie for people that are sick of super hero's. Acting was superb. Not for kids....

Closed Circuit

By globalreach
Very high-level suspense, and lots of action on the ground. A couple of unexpected twists reveal a conspiracy. It's good and uses a different perspective. Much of the movie is viewed through the...

Riveting and than not so much

By prsue
I was riding along with the first hour at the edge of my seat then it seemed the writers left the table and went on vacation for the 2nd hour....

not very thrilling thriller

By sherm1
A bland story, tepid romance, and a variety of hard-to-believe events mar this movie. It also ends on an absurd note that seems to have been a ham-handed concession to American audiences....

closed circuit

By mickeymost
This film was quite gripping for the better part of its length, and then it just went flat. THe "heroes"turned out to be depressing quitters against the Big Brother tactics of the "Justice" system....

Closed Circuit

By wgm
Excellent movie, great cast and a perfect well written plot. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Eric Bana was just perfect in the role, and the psychological aspect just added more...

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Rated R | For Language and brief violence
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Common Sense Media says Disappointing English thriller has some violence, drugs.
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