Climate Hustle Synopsis
Fathom Events, SpectiCast, CFACT and CDR bring Climate Hustle, plus a panel discussion with special guest Sarah Palin (‘08 Republican VP Candidate; Governor of AK ‘06-‘09), to select cinemas nationwide for a thought provoking event on May 2 only.

Movie Reviews

Not what you would expect

By tycramer
The corruption and history of climate change is shocking. Science is all about dissent, but climate changers use the words of religion: heretic, deniers with real parallels to the Salem witch hunt....


By crjacobsen
This is a terrific movie. Every person and especially school aged children should see this. Are there any plans to distribute to schools and maybe Social Media like You Tube etc?...

It's all about the tax

By greggouw
1996 "The Arrival" a movie about aliens and "greenhouse-gasses", 2006 Al Gore and his movie "An inconvenient Truth" warns that the polar ice caps will be melted by 2012, 2014 Professor Emeritus...

What a relief!

By michaelmolchanowmac
We finally have a movie which very thoughtfully demonstrated how we are being "hustled". I think they should have the movie available to more theatres throughout the country, so more people could...

By rmallen652
Gee, if Global Warming Frauds can rate before seeing, why not the rest of us?...

Excellent Look @ Climate Change

By silverco

Climate Hustle

By gerrymfisher
Movie proves how a President of USA can destroy science. "Global Warming Believers " is the name that the Environmentalists have given to the Man Made heating of the earth caused by C02 in...

Pssst. Climate change is a hoax!

By aiab
Climate Hustle was long overdue. I've NEVER been on the global warming and the now renamed climate change bandwagon. Have been around long enough to have experienced the propaganda for all of the...

Climate Fabricators/Hustlers

By valdes86
For those with an open mind, not an ideology agenda, this film is an eye opener. Look at the scientific factual data presented and note the bogus claims and nascent scientist community who are...

Climate Hustle a Real Eye-Opener!

By beebee723513
Insightful, funny, and serious, this movie unmasks the hoax being perpetrated on the American people and the world about Global Warming, now Climate Change. See for yourself. It will astound you!...

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Rated PG