Clifton Collins, Jr.

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Mike Judge And Punching the Clown
2016 J.K. Simmons And Punching the Clown
2016 Anthony Mackie Triple 9
2016 Woody Harrelson Triple 9
2016 Kate Winslet Triple 9
2015 Brian Dennehy Knight of Cups
2015 Antonio Banderas Knight of Cups
2015 Cherry Jones Knight of Cups
2015 Ryan O'Neal Knight of Cups
2015 Ben Kingsley Knight of Cups
2015 Natalie Portman Knight of Cups
2015 Cate Blanchett Knight of Cups
2015 Sergei Bodrov Knight of Cups
2015 Christian Bale Knight of Cups
2015 Lance Henriksen Stung
2014 Paul Bettany Transcendence
2014 Cillian Murphy Transcendence
2014 Morgan Freeman Transcendence
2014 Johnny Depp Transcendence
2014 Lukas Haas Transcendence
2013 Robert Morse Pacific Rim
2013 Ron Perlman Pacific Rim
2012 Dave Foley Freeloaders
2012 Jane Seymour Freeloaders
2012 Garrett Morris Freeloaders
2012 Clancy Brown Hellbenders
2012 Jennifer Lopez Parker
2012 Patti LuPone Parker
2012 Nick Nolte Parker
2012 Michael Chiklis Parker
2010 Fisher Stevens The Experiment
2010 Adrien Brody The Experiment
2010 Forest Whitaker The Experiment
2009 Judd Nelson The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
2009 Peter Fonda The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
2009 Billy Connolly The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
2009 Tobey Maguire Brothers
2009 Natalie Portman Brothers
2009 Jake Gyllenhaal Brothers
2009 Mare Winningham Brothers
2009 Sam Shepard Brothers
2009 David Carradine Crank: High Voltage
2009 Corey Haim Crank: High Voltage
2009 J.K. Simmons Extract
2009 Ben Affleck Extract
2009 Neal McDonough The Horsemen
2009 Peter Stormare The Horsemen
2009 Dennis Quaid The Horsemen
2009 Patrick Fugit The Horsemen
2009 Winona Ryder Star Trek
2009 Leonard Nimoy Star Trek
2009 Eric Bana Star Trek
2009 Ben Cross Star Trek
2009 Bruce Greenwood Star Trek
2008 Frances Fisher The Perfect Game
2008 Louis Gossett, Jr. The Perfect Game
2008 Tracey Walter The Perfect Game
2008 Cheech Marin The Perfect Game
2008 Mary Lynn Rajskub Sunshine Cleaning
2008 Alan Arkin Sunshine Cleaning
2008 Steve Zahn Sunshine Cleaning
2007 Ken Howard Under Still Waters
2006 Gael García Bernal Babel
2006 Brad Pitt Babel
2006 Koji Yakusho Babel
2006 Cate Blanchett Babel
2006 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Dirty
2006 Keith David Dirty
2006 Andre Braugher Thief [TV Series]
2006 Linda Hamilton Thief [TV Series]
2006 Michael Rooker Thief [TV Series]
2005 Bruce Greenwood Capote
2005 Catherine Keener Capote
2005 Bob Balaban Capote
2005 Chris Cooper Capote
2005 Philip Seymour Hoffman Capote
2005 Rosalind Chao Life of the Party
2005 Pamela Reed Life of the Party
2005 Val Kilmer Mindhunters
2005 Jonny Lee Miller Mindhunters
2005 Christian Slater Mindhunters
2004 Pamela Reed Glory Days
2003 James Spader I Witness
2003 Jeff Daniels I Witness
2003 Robert Forster Undefeated
2003 John Leguizamo Undefeated
2002 Jena Malone Confessions of an American Girl
2002 Fred Savage The Rules of Attraction
2002 Eric Stoltz The Rules of Attraction
2002 Swoosie Kurtz The Rules of Attraction
2002 Kate Bosworth The Rules of Attraction
2002 Faye Dunaway The Rules of Attraction
2001 Mark Ruffalo The Last Castle
2001 Robert Redford The Last Castle
2001 James Gandolfini The Last Castle
2001 Robin Wright Penn The Last Castle
2001 Delroy Lindo The Last Castle
2000 Jimmy Smits Price of Glory
2000 Ron Perlman Price of Glory
2000 Paul Rodriguez Price of Glory
2000 Colin Farrell Tigerland
2000 James Brolin Traffic
2000 Don Cheadle Traffic
2000 Peter Riegert Traffic
2000 Dennis Quaid Traffic
2000 Benjamin Bratt Traffic
2000 Albert Finney Traffic
2000 Topher Grace Traffic
2000 Viola Davis Traffic
2000 Luis Guzman Traffic
2000 Michael Douglas Traffic
2000 Catherine Zeta-Jones Traffic
2000 Miguel Ferrer Traffic
2000 Benicio Del Toro Traffic
2000 Amy Irving Traffic
1999 Forest Whitaker Light It Up
1999 Judd Nelson Light It Up
1999 Vanessa Williams Light It Up
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