Clifford A. Pellow

Worked With

Year Name Title
1988 John Mahoney Betrayed
1988 Debra Winger Betrayed
1988 Ted Levine Betrayed
1988 Tom Berenger Betrayed
1988 John Heard Betrayed
1986 Janet MacLachlan Murphy's Law
1986 Richard Romanus Murphy's Law
1986 Charles Bronson Murphy's Law
1986 Carrie Snodgress Murphy's Law
1986 Lawrence Tierney Murphy's Law
1986 James Luisi Murphy's Law
1983 Ray Sharkey Blue Thunder
1983 Anthony James Blue Thunder
1983 Daniel Stern Blue Thunder
1983 Roy Scheider Blue Thunder
1983 Jason Bernard Blue Thunder
1983 Warren Oates Blue Thunder
1983 Malcolm McDowell Blue Thunder
1982 Lynne Moody White Dog
1982 Dick Miller White Dog
1982 Paul Bartel White Dog
1982 Parley Baer White Dog
1982 Marshall Thompson White Dog
1982 Paul Winfield White Dog
1982 Kristy McNichol White Dog
1982 Burl Ives White Dog
1981 Ben Johnson Ruckus
1981 Richard Farnsworth Ruckus
1981 Linda Blair Ruckus
1980 Fay Wray Gideon's Trumpet
1980 Dolph Sweet Gideon's Trumpet
1980 José Ferrer Gideon's Trumpet
1980 Sam Jaffe Gideon's Trumpet
1980 John Houseman Gideon's Trumpet
1980 Paul Benjamin Gideon's Trumpet
1980 Henry Fonda Gideon's Trumpet
1980 Lane Smith Gideon's Trumpet
1980 Dean Jagger Gideon's Trumpet
1980 Ann Sothern The Little Dragons
1980 Tony Bill The Little Dragons
1979 Ron Rifkin Alice: Sweet Charity
1979 Ramon Bieri The Frisco Kid
1979 Vincent Schiavelli The Frisco Kid
1979 Harrison Ford The Frisco Kid
1979 Henry Rowland The Frisco Kid
1979 George DiCenzo The Frisco Kid
1979 William Smith The Frisco Kid
1979 Ian Wolfe The Frisco Kid
1979 Rolfe Sedan The Frisco Kid
1979 Gene Wilder The Frisco Kid
1979 Rod Steiger Love and Bullets
1979 Jill Ireland Love and Bullets
1979 Albert Salmi Love and Bullets
1979 Andy Romano Love and Bullets
1979 Strother Martin Love and Bullets
1979 Henry Silva Love and Bullets
1979 Charles Bronson Love and Bullets
1979 Bradford Dillman Love and Bullets
1979 Paul Koslo Love and Bullets
1979 Michael Vincente Gazzo Love and Bullets
1978 Jane Fonda Comes a Horseman
1978 James Keach Comes a Horseman
1978 James Caan Comes a Horseman
1978 Richard Farnsworth Comes a Horseman
1978 Jason Robards, Jr. Comes a Horseman
1978 George Grizzard Comes a Horseman
1978 Mark Harmon Comes a Horseman
1977 Lonette McKee Which Way Is Up?
1977 Richard Pryor Which Way Is Up?
1977 Dolph Sweet Which Way Is Up?
1977 Hank Worden Which Way Is Up?
1977 John Carradine The White Buffalo
1977 Slim Pickens The White Buffalo
1977 Ed Lauter The White Buffalo
1977 Kim Novak The White Buffalo
1977 Charles Bronson The White Buffalo
1977 Clint Walker The White Buffalo
1977 Douglas Fowley The White Buffalo
1977 Jack Warden The White Buffalo
1977 Cara Williams The White Buffalo
1977 Stuart Whitman The White Buffalo
1976 Arnold Schwarzenegger Stay Hungry
1976 Scatman Crothers Stay Hungry
1976 Fannie Flagg Stay Hungry
1976 Sally Field Stay Hungry
1976 Ed Begley, Jr. Stay Hungry
1976 Joanna Cassidy Stay Hungry
1976 Roger E. Mosley Stay Hungry
1976 Jeff Bridges Stay Hungry
1976 R.G. Armstrong Stay Hungry
1975 Lee Remick Hustling
1975 Dick O'Neill Hustling
1975 Howard Hesseman Hustling
1975 Alex Rocco Hustling
1975 Paul Benedict Hustling
1975 Burt Young Hustling
1975 Jill Clayburgh Hustling
1975 Lorne Greene Tidal Wave
1975 Marvin Miller Tidal Wave
1973 Robert Urich Magnum Force
1973 Tim Matheson Magnum Force
1973 Clint Eastwood Magnum Force
1973 Hal Holbrook Magnum Force
1973 John Mitchum Magnum Force
1970 Sally Kellerman Bonanza: Return Engagement
1970 Lorne Greene Bonanza: Return Engagement
1970 Michael Landon Bonanza: Return Engagement
1970 Ray Teal Bonanza: Return Engagement
1968 Joan Bennett Dark Shadows: Episode 504
1961 Piper Laurie The Hustler
1961 Myron McCormick The Hustler
1961 George C. Scott The Hustler
1961 Paul Newman The Hustler
1961 Jackie Gleason The Hustler
1961 Michael Constantine The Hustler
1961 Vincent Gardenia The Hustler
1961 Murray Hamilton The Hustler
1955 Laurence Harvey I Am a Camera
1955 Shelley Winters I Am a Camera
1955 Anton Diffring I Am a Camera
1955 David Kossoff I Am a Camera
1955 Patrick McGoohan I Am a Camera
1955 Julie Harris I Am a Camera
1955 Vince Edwards I Am a Camera
1955 Tutte Lemkow I Am a Camera
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