Cliff Curtis
Date of Birth
Jul 27, 1968

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Peter Firth Risen
2014 Shohreh Aghdashloo Last Knights
2014 Morgan Freeman Last Knights
2014 Clive Owen Last Knights
2012 Ruby Dee A Thousand Words
2012 Eddie Murphy A Thousand Words
2012 Allison Janney A Thousand Words
2009 Ashley Judd Crossing Over
2009 Ray Liotta Crossing Over
2009 Harrison Ford Crossing Over
2009 Djimon Hounsou Push
2008 Omar Sharif 10,000 B.C.
2007 Embeth Davidtz Fracture
2007 Bob Gunton Fracture
2007 Anthony Hopkins Fracture
2007 Fiona Shaw Fracture
2007 David Strathairn Fracture
2007 Ryan Gosling Fracture
2007 Bruce Willis Live Free or Die Hard
2007 Zeljko Ivanek Live Free or Die Hard
2007 Kevin Smith Live Free or Die Hard
2007 Cillian Murphy Sunshine
2007 Michelle Yeoh Sunshine
2006 Ellen Burstyn The Fountain
2006 Stephen McHattie The Fountain
2006 Hugh Jackman The Fountain
2006 Rachel Weisz The Fountain
2006 Sean Patrick Thomas The Fountain
2005 Kiefer Sutherland River Queen
2005 Vincent Ward River Queen
2005 Samantha Morton River Queen
2005 Stephen Rea River Queen
2005 Temuera Morrison River Queen
2004 Elias Koteas Traffic: The Miniseries
2004 Martin Donovan Traffic: The Miniseries
2003 Melora Walters Runaway Jury
2003 Luis Guzman Runaway Jury
2003 Rachel Weisz Runaway Jury
2003 Dustin Hoffman Runaway Jury
2003 Bruce Davison Runaway Jury
2003 John Cusack Runaway Jury
2003 Gene Hackman Runaway Jury
2003 Jennifer Beals Runaway Jury
2002 Jane Lynch Collateral Damage
2002 John Leguizamo Collateral Damage
2002 Elias Koteas Collateral Damage
2002 Arnold Schwarzenegger Collateral Damage
2002 John Turturro Collateral Damage
2001 Paul Reubens Blow
2001 Johnny Depp Blow
2001 Penélope Cruz Blow
2001 Rachel Griffiths Blow
2001 Bobcat Goldthwait Blow
2001 Ray Liotta Blow
2001 Franka Potente Blow
2001 Max Perlich Blow
2001 Garry Marshall The Majestic
2001 James Whitmore The Majestic
2001 Rob Reiner The Majestic
2001 Bob Balaban The Majestic
2001 Sydney Pollack The Majestic
2001 Carl Reiner The Majestic
2001 Matt Damon The Majestic
2001 Paul Mazursky The Majestic
2001 Hal Holbrook The Majestic
2001 Martin Landau The Majestic
2001 Ron Rifkin The Majestic
2001 David Ogden Stiers The Majestic
2001 Jim Carrey The Majestic
2001 Bruce Campbell The Majestic
2001 Allen Garfield The Majestic
2001 Eva Mendes Training Day
2001 Snoop Dogg Training Day
2001 Harris Yulin Training Day
2001 Scott Glenn Training Day
2001 Tom Berenger Training Day
2001 Denzel Washington Training Day
2001 Ethan Hawke Training Day
1999 Mary Beth Hurt Bringing Out the Dead
1999 Patricia Arquette Bringing Out the Dead
1999 Nicolas Cage Bringing Out the Dead
1999 Tom Sizemore Bringing Out the Dead
1999 Ving Rhames Bringing Out the Dead
1999 John Goodman Bringing Out the Dead
1999 Aida Turturro Bringing Out the Dead
1999 Gina Gershon The Insider
1999 Wings Hauser The Insider
1999 Lynne Thigpen The Insider
1999 Michael Gambon The Insider
1999 Christopher Plummer The Insider
1999 Al Pacino The Insider
1999 Philip Baker Hall The Insider
1999 Stephen Tobolowsky The Insider
1999 Lindsay Crouse The Insider
1999 Rip Torn The Insider
1999 Diane Venora The Insider
1999 Russell Crowe The Insider
1999 Spike Jonze Three Kings
1999 Ice Cube Three Kings
1999 Mykelti Williamson Three Kings
1999 George Clooney Three Kings
1999 Mark Wahlberg Three Kings
1999 Jamie Lee Curtis Virus
1999 William Baldwin Virus
1999 Donald Sutherland Virus
1998 Treat Williams Deep Rising
1998 Djimon Hounsou Deep Rising
1998 Kevin J. O'Connor Deep Rising
1998 Famke Janssen Deep Rising
1998 David Schwimmer Six Days, Seven Nights
1998 Allison Janney Six Days, Seven Nights
1998 Temuera Morrison Six Days, Seven Nights
1998 Anne Heche Six Days, Seven Nights
1998 Harrison Ford Six Days, Seven Nights
1994 Temuera Morrison Once Were Warriors
1994 Esai Morales Rapa Nui
1993 Holly Hunter The Piano
1993 Anna Paquin The Piano
1993 Harvey Keitel The Piano
1993 Sam Neill The Piano
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