my clerks 2 review

By lord-o-movies
Written August 19, 2008
hilarious not as good as the first one but still fantastic kevin smith has done iy agin
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By nirvash15
Written September 07, 2007
It has been over a year & this is still my #1 favorite Movie. But be warned this is a very crrude movie so keep the kids away from this one.
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By shawn man
Written May 17, 2009
i saw this movie on dvd at my friends house cuz my brothers baby sitter refused to bring me because her friend just had to tell her about the donkey sex scene. so i had to watch it over my friends house and on the big screen or not this is still a great ****ing movie. i was only about 10 or 11 when i saw it so i had to search up some of the words to understand the jokes but this was amazing.
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Rosario Dawson dancing on the roof

By ciscokidfpm
Written November 14, 2008
As perverse as this movie is; its a must for Kevin Smith/Clerks fans. This guys turn the mundane work of fast food into a hilarious movie. If you ever had a dream, a best friend who would stick by you, watching something grose, missed Silent Bob and Jay, then this is the movie for you!!
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Written September 27, 2016
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