Cleopatra 50th Anniversary Synopsis
Twentieth Century Fox has restored the original theatrical version of CLEOPATRA to commemorate its 50th anniversary.

Movie Reviews

Cleopatra 50th Anniversary

By Bradley's Bonti
That was a real movie production. The color, costumes, and the sheer volume of supporting actors amazed me. I am glad that I saw the film again, after all these years. Probably best for teens...

Big screen must see

By Kiernt
The chance to see Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton at the height of their careers amid some of the most glorious sets you will ever see is a must see on the big screen. The film is just over 4...

It's a classic..but it's long

I liked the film and of course it's dated but that's part of the fun! Seeing actors and actresses when they were young always changes perceptions. But one suggestion, be sure to plan for a long...

Cleopatra 50th. Anniversary

By Gregory Lake
Well my remembrance of the film from 50 yrs. ago was very accurate . The acting was bad , the story uncompelling and the sets for all the money spent not very believable / Thankfully , 2 hrs. in...

Really, really great

By rmccale
Love this movie! Way better in the theatre!!...

Queen of the Nile

By skizzy2005
They say a picture is worth 1,000 words... What about a 4hr picture? Imagine what it must have been like in 1963, seeing this movie for the first time. The scenes were amazing and truly a product of...