Definitely PG13

Written July 02, 2016
For all it says Clean Guys of Comedy the one female had to go and ruin it. She was so crude. Being a mom you would think she would be the cleanest of the bunch but I cringed through most of her set. I saw that there were little kids in the audience and I hated that. Before taking your kids know that while they do not use foul language there is sexual innuendo during the show, most if it from Heather McDonald. Andy H was the best of the bunch. He was also the cleanest of the bunch. He put the clean in the clean guys of comedy and had all of us laughing the hardest. Dave C was good and the first guy Ralph was funny as well. It was worth the ticket price, I would just take a bathroom break during Heather unless she cleans up her set.
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By davedeik
Written March 24, 2017
Haven't laughed out loud this much in years! Do another one. Please!
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Clean Guys a Hit!

By mikebutters
Written July 27, 2016
Show was worth every penny. The first comic was pretty green it he was ok. The second comic was awful. Her bits did not tue in with the theme at all. To be blunt...she sucked. The third comic was stellar and both my daughters lived him. Hi material was original, sharp and delivered well. Jamie Kennedy was also good. He made good use of the crowd and mood of the state at the time. Coulier was worth
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completely in funny

By kt1975
Written January 02, 2014
Not one laugh. Terrible. Can't imagine how any one would think that these people could should be on DVD. Awful.
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Clean Guys of Comedy--Laugh Outloud Funny

By Escapew/Movies
Written September 20, 2013
My husband and I enjoyed "Clean Guys of Comedy", and not because we had our own private showing...we were the only people in the audience! The humor is "clean", but geared toward adults. I learned about it from a poster outside the movie theater a week earlier and went online to get more information. I suggest you improve/enlarge the scope of your advertising/promotions.
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