Claudia Dell
Date of Birth
Jan 10, 1909
Birth Place:
San Antonio, TX

Worked With

Year Name Title
1944 Mantan Moreland Black Magic
1944 Ralph Peters Black Magic
1944 Sidney Toler Black Magic
1944 Edward Earle Black Magic
1944 Frank Jaquet Black Magic
1944 Charles Jordan Black Magic
1944 Philip Van Zandt Call of the Jungle
1943 Billy Gilbert Spotlight Scandals
1943 Betty Blythe Spotlight Scandals
1943 Henry King Spotlight Scandals
1943 Harry Langdon Spotlight Scandals
1940 Rolfe Sedan The Mad Empress
1940 Duncan Renaldo The Mad Empress
1940 Conrad Nagel The Mad Empress
1940 Gustav von Seyffertitz The Mad Empress
1940 Evelyn Brent The Mad Empress
1940 Lionel Atwill The Mad Empress
1940 Harry Baur The Mad Empress
1938 Armand Kaliz Algiers
1938 Paul Harvey Algiers
1938 Leonid Kinskey Algiers
1938 Gene Lockhart Algiers
1938 Hedy Lamarr Algiers
1938 Ben Hall Algiers
1938 Stanley Fields Algiers
1938 Joseph Calleia Algiers
1938 Charles Boyer Algiers
1938 Alan Hale Algiers
1938 Johnny Downs Algiers
1937 Ken Maynard Boots of Destiny
1937 George Morrell Boots of Destiny
1937 Warren Hull A Bride for Henry
1937 Harrison Greene A Bride for Henry
1937 Reginald Denny We're in the Legion Now
1937 Merrill McCormack We're in the Legion Now
1937 Esther Ralston We're in the Legion Now
1936 Tim McCoy Ghost Patrol
1936 Dick Curtis Ghost Patrol
1936 Art Ortego Ghost Patrol
1936 Walter Miller Ghost Patrol
1936 Conrad Nagel Yellow Cargo
1935 George "Spanky" McFarland Anniversary Trouble
1935 Scotty Beckett Anniversary Trouble
1935 Hattie McDaniel Anniversary Trouble
1935 Reginald Denny The Lady in Scarlet
1935 John St. Polis The Lady in Scarlet
1935 Dorothy Revier The Lady in Scarlet
1935 Reginald Denny The Midnight Phantom
1935 Ralph Graves Speed Limited
1935 Evelyn Brent Speed Limited
1935 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Speed Limited
1935 Fred Kohler Trail's End
1934 William Farnum Cleopatra
1934 Jack Mulhall Cleopatra
1934 Hal Price Cleopatra
1934 Edgar Dearing Cleopatra
1934 John Carradine Cleopatra
1934 Claudette Colbert Cleopatra
1934 Warren William Cleopatra
1934 Joseph Schildkraut Cleopatra
1934 Henry Wilcoxon Cleopatra
1934 Robert Warwick Cleopatra
1934 C. Aubrey Smith Cleopatra
1934 Josef Swickard The Lost City [Serial]
1934 George "Gabby" Hayes The Lost City [Serial]
1934 Kane Richmond The Lost City [Serial]
1934 George "Spanky" McFarland Mama's Little Pirate
1934 Scotty Beckett Mama's Little Pirate
1933 Reginald Denny The Big Bluff
1933 Mary Gordon Woman Condemned
1933 Lola Lane Woman Condemned
1933 Louise Beavers Woman Condemned
1933 Mischa Auer Woman Condemned
1932 ZaSu Pitts Destry Rides Again
1932 Edward J. Le Saint Destry Rides Again
1932 Tom Mix Destry Rides Again
1932 John Ince Destry Rides Again
1932 Andy Devine Destry Rides Again
1932 Stanley Fields Destry Rides Again
1932 Edward Peil Sr. Destry Rides Again
1932 Betty Compson Guilty or Not Guilty
1932 George Irving Guilty or Not Guilty
1932 John Farrell MacDonald Hearts of Humanity
1932 Jackie Searl Hearts of Humanity
1932 Jean Hersholt Hearts of Humanity
1932 Richard Wallace Hearts of Humanity
1932 Montagu Love Midnight Lady
1932 Phillips Smalley The Midnight Warning
1932 Huntly Gordon The Midnight Warning
1932 Berton Churchill Scandal for Sale
1932 Glenda Farrell Scandal for Sale
1932 Jack Richardson Scandal for Sale
1932 Charles Bickford Scandal for Sale
1932 Lew Kelly Scandal for Sale
1932 Pat O'Brien Scandal for Sale
1932 Joel McCrea Scandal for Sale
1932 Tully Marshall Scandal for Sale
1932 John Farrell MacDonald Scandal for Sale
1931 Lowell Sherman Bachelor Apartment
1931 Norman Kerry Bachelor Apartment
1931 Mae Murray Bachelor Apartment
1931 Purnell Pratt Bachelor Apartment
1931 Irene Dunne Bachelor Apartment
1931 Bess Flowers Bachelor Apartment
1931 George Irving Confessions of a Co-Ed
1931 Bruce Cabot Confessions of a Co-Ed
1931 Bing Crosby Confessions of a Co-Ed
1931 Sylvia Sidney Confessions of a Co-Ed
1931 John Halliday Fifty Million Frenchmen
1931 Chic Johnson Fifty Million Frenchmen
1931 Bela Lugosi Fifty Million Frenchmen
1931 Helen Broderick Fifty Million Frenchmen
1931 Ole Olsen Fifty Million Frenchmen
1931 Dorothy Revier Leftover Ladies
1931 Franklin Farnum Leftover Ladies
1931 Alan Mowbray Leftover Ladies
1931 Roscoe Karns Leftover Ladies
1931 Hobart Bosworth Sit Tight
1931 Joe E. Brown Sit Tight
1931 Frank S. Hagney Sit Tight
1931 Henry Roquemore Sporting Chance
1930 Al Jolson Big Boy
1930 Noah Beery, Sr. Big Boy
1930 June Collyer Sweet Kitty Bellairs
1930 Flora Finch Sweet Kitty Bellairs
1930 Ernest Torrence Sweet Kitty Bellairs
1930 Walter Pidgeon Sweet Kitty Bellairs
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