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Clash of the Titans (83/100)

By phillyeaglesfan769
Written May 22, 2014
Clash of the Titans is an epic of Greek mythology that folows the story of Perseus. This movie was good, but not great. I would say the biggest bright spot in this movie was the performance of Liam Nesson as Zeus. All together, this movie was good but people should not be overly excited to see this. It isn't anything special.
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Clash of the Titans

By Asianfreak
Written January 23, 2012
70 out of 100 Clash of popcorn titans.
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By kittytrax2010
Written February 04, 2013
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It will suck you in!

By glassett
Written April 07, 2010
The graphics were great and the scenes with Pegasus were done perfectly. I recommend that you go and watch the first "Clash of the Titans" before seeing this one, however. I never saw the first version and so the story from this one slightly confused me, my husband - who has seen the first one many times - had to explain the details to me on the way home. The movie is definately watchable, probably not recommended for the littler children who fear big scary monsters though. But the entire movie sucks you in with lots of action sequences, intriguing story, great acting, beautiful scenery, and it even has its well-placed comedic moments as well!
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By kchertzlar
Written September 30, 2012
Major disappointment. After one of the best trailers of all time and this is what we get. One of the worst adventures of all time. Every great moment experienced in the trailer is all that is good in the movie. No thrills maybe some chills. But more importantly one of the worst films
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