Five Word Review

By BillyNYC
Written April 03, 2010
worst looking 3D movie seen
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By keefy6
Written April 07, 2010
I didnt like it much at all. the story seemed all over the place and OH the 3d!! limited to basically the beginning previews and the credits. ripoff.
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Don't worry, Harry. You haven't been dethroned!

By buckeyeclark
Written April 02, 2010
WHERE'S THE 3-D? If you want to see this movie, go to the 2-D! You can count on one hand the number of CHEAP 3-D effects this movie has. The plot takes great liberty w/ Greek mythology & the 1981 original- of which I'm a huge fan of! In one early scene Perseus picks up Bubo the (original?) mechanical owl and asks, "What's this?" He's told, "Put it down. We won't be needing that." That seems to be the theme with this remake. Don't expect much from the original. New characters- a demi-god Perseus has attraction to, scorpion-camels, a BLACK Pegasus, & a "Wookie-like" Phantom companion. No romance with Andromeda. NO gods except for Zeus and Hades. Aphrodite, Athena, Ceres- all gone! The only "god" interaction is between Zeus & Hades. The movie has a heavy tone, dark colors, & the battle scenes have a video game-like quality to them. The movie kept my attention. The acting & cinematography is decent, but had more hope for this film. I left the theater thinking, "Is that all there is??"
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Overall i liked it...

By hazelm56
Written April 07, 2010
I enjoyed the movie but next time I would rather watch it without the 3D effects. I think watching the movie in 3D is not worth it. However overall, the movie was good.
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Five Word Review

By pavalos2007
Written April 07, 2010
cool flick to see yeah!
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