Clare Greet
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1871

Worked With

Year Name Title
1939 Basil Radford Jamaica Inn
1939 Maureen O'Hara Jamaica Inn
1939 Emlyn Williams Jamaica Inn
1939 Charles Laughton Jamaica Inn
1939 O.B. Clarence Jamaica Inn
1939 Leslie Banks Jamaica Inn
1939 Robert Newton Jamaica Inn
1939 Mervyn Johns Jamaica Inn
1938 George "Gabby" Hayes Emil
1938 Gus McNaughton Sidewalks of London
1938 Bartlett Cormack Sidewalks of London
1938 Rex Harrison Sidewalks of London
1938 Charles Laughton Sidewalks of London
1938 Vivien Leigh Sidewalks of London
1938 Edward Lexy Sidewalks of London
1936 Ian Fleming Royal Eagle
1936 Felix Aylmer Royal Eagle
1936 Peter Bull Sabotage
1936 Sylvia Sidney Sabotage
1936 Torin Thatcher Sabotage
1936 Charles Hawtrey Sabotage
1936 Oscar Homolka Sabotage
1936 Martita Hunt Sabotage
1935 Dennis Hoey Murder in the Red Barn
1935 Tod Slaughter Murder in the Red Barn
1935 Eric Portman Murder in the Red Barn
1934 Jean Cadell Little Friend
1934 Cecil Parker Little Friend
1934 Gibb McLaughlin Little Friend
1934 Finlay Currie Little Friend
1934 John Stuart The Pointing Finger
1933 Gibb McLaughlin White Face
1933 Gordon Harker White Face
1932 Edmund Gwenn Lord Babs
1932 Walter Forde Lord Babs
1932 Nigel Bruce Lord Camber's Ladies
1932 Benita Hume Lord Camber's Ladies
1932 Arthur Wontner The Sign of Four
1932 Miles Malleson The Sign of Four
1932 Ian Hunter The Sign of Four
1932 Kynaston Reeves The Sign of Four
1931 Robert Douglas Many Waters
1931 Bill Shine Many Waters
1931 Gibb McLaughlin Third Time Lucky
1931 Gordon Harker Third Time Lucky
1930 Una O'Connor Murder
1930 Gus McNaughton Murder
1930 Herbert Marshall Murder
1929 Carl Brisson The Manxman
1927 Charles Farrell The Ring
1927 Ian Hunter The Ring
1927 Carl Brisson The Ring
1927 Gordon Harker The Ring
1923 Miles Malleson The Sign of Four
1923 Arthur Wontner The Sign of Four
1923 Ian Hunter The Sign of Four
1923 Isobel Elsom The Sign of Four
1922 Norman Kerry Three Live Ghosts
1922 Anna Q. Nilsson Three Live Ghosts
1922 Edmund Goulding Three Live Ghosts
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