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A mysterious orb found in a junkyard is really a creature from outer space.
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Short and Sweet

By DarkGrimz4
I for one am in love with this movie... if you enjoyed Kung-Fu Hustle or Shaolin Soccer along with other films like E.T. than this movie is a must. Who cares if it's all subtitles!! Read a little!!!...


A truly delightful children's story. Could be characterized as a Chinese E.T., but the movie is so fresh that it doesn't seem like a film you've ever seen before. Magnificent acting by the boy hero....

Chinese ET

By Danny Saigon
I'm into Stephen Chow. He had me at Kung Fu Hustle and this has got the same off-kilter sense of humor. I loved the father son interaction and the effects added to the story, as opposed to...


By chewyo2i2
It's A Must See. If You Like Stephen Chow Films Then You'll Love This Movie!...


By Lizerne Guiting
Unless you're a die-hard fan of Stephen Chow, you might find this movie way off from his usual fare. This is completely different from his "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kung Fu Hustle"--both of which I...

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Rated PG | For nguage, thematic material, some rude humor and brief smoking