Sure ain't no City of God

By rockhell
Written February 29, 2008
Just to be clear, this is not a sequel prequel or quel of any kind to City of God. I believe this is based on the series City of Men which I have never seen. If you have seen City of God then I think you should see this movie but wait until DVD. City of Men had a ton of potential but it just did not come across well for me. The gangs in this movie were not even intimidating and the big showdown in the end was weak. The head gangster "Midnight" was definitely no "Z" by any means. I thought this movie had a decent storyline but it could have been portrayed much better, could have been way more intense. I'm pretty sure it's because of the directing, like he didn't pull out as much from the actors as he could have. I wonder if I'd feel the same had I never seen City of God first but I did so well... there ya go.
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I liked this

By dyampyon
Written March 03, 2008
I liked this movie maybe only because I was following TV series version of The City of Men, that I rent DVDs from Netflix.
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