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By RKTolbert
Written July 30, 2014
We are huge fans of Cirque du Soleil, having seen many of their shows and their IMAX movie "Journey of Life" (or whatever the title). Although that film was nice, this one was very disappointing. It's basically just bits of their various shows pasted together around a loose storyline which is never really resolved. We'd say that if you are not a huge Cirque fan, pass on it for sure and if you are a big fan, then proceed with caution. It's not horrible but it could have been a LOT better.
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Major Disappointment to this Cirque Fan

By durbanusa
Written January 30, 2015
I have loved Cirque du Soleil and own many of their earlier works. However, this is the worst ever. Instead of a real story, they tried to make pieces of existing works into a story and then convert it into 3D. I thought with James Cameron on board, it would still work but it doesn't. The over-emphasized 3D distracts rather than enhances. The stories don't connect well and the Beatles part was the worst. While the aerial ballet at the end was nice, the rest was boring. You would think they would want to use some of the better pieces from KA and such. Save your bucks and go see the real thing.
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trying to get through it - i failed

By aliceyumm
Written January 26, 2015
So super excited to see this, i couldnt make it to the 3-d but rented it. i dont really like to sit and watch movies unless i have to check it out. well as soon as this started i was waiting and waiting for it to really take off... it never did eeveeerrrrr. I was soooo bored that i turned it off. James cameron and whomever did this camera work was terrible, the cam just needed to stay in one angle maybe or backoff. i was missing half of the work since the cam was here n there. I will stick to live shows for sure. Even the movie they came out with a few yrs back was much better.
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By Chinajo
Written December 28, 2014
A great movie to check out in 3D that's not a kiddy flick.
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Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away

By peppypoodle
Written December 23, 2012
We have seen many Cirque shows. The creative and awesome performances were outstanding. We thought the story line at the beginning was too long. Having seen and purchased the DVD Avatar, I saw many similarities in this 3-D production. I would like to see the movie again. One of my favorite sequences was the very athletic ship-like parallel bar. Very different. Also, the beautiful 4 oriental ladies in red on the pads on the water. Enjoyed the pool events which I've never seen before. Rate: Four Stars out of Five.
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