See it in
Digital 3D


By enidlj
Written August 03, 2015
I loved it....I always enjoy seeing them perform. They are so agile and focused. I took my little sister (age 14) as I am part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Charlotte and she had never seen them before but she was amazed and excited watching them perform. And, what a great way to afford the general public to see them in 3D, if they don't have the opportunity, or the money, to go to see them in person. Good job!
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By mslynneathome
Written August 28, 2015
I drove an hour to my sisters house to go with her to drive another hour to the movie theatre it was playing at. Got the 3-d glasses and waited for the 3-d action. There was none. The movie theatre said 1) Only the 7:40 showing is in 3-d (?) 2) Oh, is it supposed to be,in 3-D?where does it say that? (like, all over the theatre!) I tried the glasses, the colors became dull , and, still no 3-d. I walked out, along with others, and got a refund. If it was in 3-d it would probably be better, but I am not sure based on the other reviews I have read. I still do not understand why it wasn't being shown in 3-D and what happened? I got my money back, but the price of gas was on me. I also work on Saturdays and took the day off to see this movie.- 4 hours of driving , an $8.00 bag of popcorn and no movie. PS: If they gave out 3-D glasses, why did they tell me it wasn't suppsed to be in 3'D? (and,it is advertised all over the theartre it is 3-D?)
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Excellent Entertainment But NOWHERE Near The Experience Live.

By Alon Patterson
Written May 27, 2015
I've seen all the Cirque shows excerpted here by Cameron, as well as others, and all of them live and in person. In fact, I've seen some of them many times. While this film maker does them justice here, frankly, Cirque's own boxed set is FAR better and much more entertaining. Still, there's really no substitute for the experience that's more worthy than that offered by the big screen and its sophisticated, sound engineered, theaters to be found at most movie venues. That's the value here as far as I'm concerned. The attempt at tying all the shows together with some common plot thread was just a dismal failure as far as I'm concerned. Rene DuPere's greatest score, "Alegria" is VERY noticeably missing. Still, it's worth a ticket price, especially if you can avoid the 3D version, since all that does is wash out the vividness of the color, clarity and brightness of the image. 3D brings nothing of value justifying the added ticket cost. See it though. This one's far from disappointing
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Plan on seeing it again!

By scoley
Written August 04, 2015
Saw the movie yesterday, and I loved it! Plan on seeing it again. It had been a few years since I attended a Cirque du Soleil performance, this one was more "edgy" than I remember. Maybe it was because it was in 3D, or that they could do more with film than live. Whatever, it was wonderful! Go see it and be prepared to be amazed!
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Worst $50 Bucks I Ever Spent

By dr_eyesight
Written January 28, 2015
The reason I am writing this is to warn other people what your getting into. This, by far, was the most boring movie I have ever suffered through. After the first 15 minutes I was ready to leave. I wasn't really sure what was going on most of the time, one second the protagonist is being put into a box and then the next there was a vertical fight scene that made no sense whatsoever. The protagonists longest line was "No thanks.", other than that there was little to no talking. I give credit to the performers however, they were amazing. The end when the two finally reunite was, I admit, a very beautifully choreographed work of art. I, however, could have done without all of the stuff in between.
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