Cirque: always another world

By curlyportland
Written December 27, 2012
You enter a journey. Suspend logic---just allow yourself to follow the fantastic world. Cirque has brought together amazing visuals, imagination, music, artistry from many of its best shows. If you have seen Cirque before, you will love this. If you haven't, just go and enjoy!
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By overjo
Written December 28, 2012
way different than seeing it in person, but still very enjoyable. i'm going to see it again! the first time my 6 year old grandson went and he didn't like it much at the beginning. he was ready to leave. he wasn't thrilled with the 3d aspect , but he liked most of it. he said his favorite part was the warriors. we took him to a live show recently and he really enjoyed that. my favorite part is the men and the wheel. i saw that in a live show and that was so exciting! i'm glad it was in the movie. my 11 year old grand daughter went to the live show and loved it, and will see the 3d movie with me. i liked it enough that i gave tickets for christmas to some cirque loving family members, and they loved it! every cirque show that i've seen is breath taking.
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Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away - Spectacular!!

By edwards31
Written December 23, 2012
Worlds Away was spectacular and much more than I expected. I bought 13 tickets for my three girls, their husbands and all my grandchildren to see it. My grandkids range in age from 8 to 22 and they throughly enjoyed the film. If given the chance they all we would love to see a live show after seeing this wonderful movie.
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more theatrical than amazing

By ksc_jnc
Written December 22, 2012
I saw a cirque show recently so I couldn't wait to take my kids. Although a few parts were neat, it was like a combination of several shows and was much more gothic and theatrical than it was amazing. disappointed..
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Best for Cirque fans!

By Radiofiesta
Written December 27, 2012
Primary purpose of this movie is to showcase Cirque shows. This is NOT a movie with any serious plot, character development, etc. This movie exists solely to tempt the unindoctrinated to go to Cirque shows, and to fulfill Cirque lovers in between shows! As a long-lived Cirque lover, I was dismayed to find myself somewhat uninvolved for the first part of the movie. And then it got better and better. It is well worth the price of admission and is only about 90min long. GO to see this movie if you love Cirque du Soleil, or if you have always been curious about Cirque performances.
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