Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away 3D

By beautela30
Written December 28, 2012
Sometimes dreams come true, that was for me to see Cirque du Soleil performance in the movie theater. It is absolutely amazing, poetic, magic, beautiful! The costumes, music and artists perfection and charm are incredible. I appreciated this chance, thank you!
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Wonderful, but had its moments

By valeenolan
Written January 01, 2013
We had already seen a live version of Cirque De Soleil and that was eye riveting. The movie was wonderful and I was very impressed! My over all experience went well except for when we got there. We bought our tickets online through Fandango so we would not have to stand in line. As it turned out we had to stand in line for 20 minutes and the line for the box office, at any given moment, was no more than 5 people. It was my opinion that the theater was not prepared for the people who had online tickets. When we arrived at the theater, there was a sign above each door telling you which door you should go through if you had online tickets and a door that specified box office. Apparently both doors were for online tickets and the box office was clear to the left. Some other customers and myself were left wondering why we even bothered to buy the tickets online. Although that was a minor irritant, the movie was great and we enjoyed it very much!
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By Kinagg2000
Written August 22, 2014
It's so unusal for a movie, and you have to have a open mind... But all in all it was so extint and in rare form. The beauty of the performances was Breath-taking!!! Memorizing performances, About 15 minutes into the film, I thought to myslef that the first 15-20 minutes paid for itself(3D ticket prices)... Try something new and rare, Go see it... Cheaper then a trip to Vegas- Flight, hotel, show tickets, snacks... Ummm No brainer! Go see this while you can!
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Cirque: always another world

By curlyportland
Written July 29, 2014
You enter a journey. Suspend logic---just allow yourself to follow the fantastic world. Cirque has brought together amazing visuals, imagination, music, artistry from many of its best shows. If you have seen Cirque before, you will love this. If you haven't, just go and enjoy!
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Not the real thing

By wseright
Written July 29, 2014
If you are interested in seeing a Cirque performance, this is not the movie to see. There have been other videos created of Cirque shows that are truly magical. But, in my opinion, this entire movie is only an infomercial to make you want to see other cirque shows. There is more "acting" and "emoting" in this movie than there is actual circus type performances. If you want to see the real Cirque, then go see a real show. The most disturbing part of the actual performance pieces is they have been chopped up to try to show you the highlights of the performances, but you see a person moving in one direction doing one thing, then they flash to the same person either jumping forward or backward in time from a different angle repeating what they did or doing something else. It makes the performances look like they were patched together rather than performed by skilled artisans. Save your money.
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