A close up view of the real thing

By turtleox
Written August 28, 2016
A sampler of different Cirque shows, spliced together to make a movie. No overriding plot, but excellent visuals showing the grace and athleticism of the performers. Sit back and just take in the visual beauty.
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Cirque du Soleil does not disappoint

By DenitaE
Written June 29, 2016
The only thing that could have made this movie better was an IMAX screen! Seeing Cirque on the big screen is an experience all it's own. Love it live, love it on screen. Cirque du Soleil is the best entertainment to date.
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I finally got to see it.

By Darkmocha
Written July 23, 2016
The live show tickets are always so expensive, and I can see why, but I finally had an opportunity to see what I have been missing. Beautiful! The 3-D was awesome! Just a spectacular performance to behold. "Go see, you won't be disappointed."
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By Orli W
Written August 27, 2016
Loved it! Especially in 3D. I"m a huge Cirque junkie and have been to so many different shows locally and in Vegas. This movie combines the best of all of them, only you feel like you are really there since it's on a big screen. If you are a huge Cirque fan or want to know what the real Cirque is all about, this is the show to see. You will get a really good feel at a fraction the cost of the real show. Loved it and will probably go back. By the way, my new favorite movie theatre is the Roosevelt Complex. Fabulous. Really comfortable seats, 20 theatres and sign up for the Icon Extras program for free. You can get movies after they have been our a couple weeks for $6 each. Bargain.
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A sampler of Cirque

By Dewey Dykstra
Written August 29, 2015
You do not have to have seen any other Cirque shows to enjoy the movie, but if you have seen any I think you may enjoy the movie more. For me,too many of the Cirque de Soleil shows are very impressive circus shows. It's shows like Ka that I like the most because of the story line and the action around it. In Worlds Away there is a story that links the action and gives it a goal. Parts of various shows are woven around the central story line. These are performed on the specialized stages built for the various shows. One of the significant differences between viewing the movie and being in the audience at the various shows is that in the movie you get camera perspectives you do not get in the auditorium of the show--close-ups and views from above. But, from the auditorium the size of things and the control of sound in the room (as in Ka) are not reproduced in the movie. The duet, between the girl and the Aerialist, at the end with the forest scene from Ka was very moving.
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