the finale was a grand pas de deux that brought me to tears

By harmonyNM
Written September 25, 2016
Having experienced most of the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil performances featured in the story, there is never a bad seat in the house. The 3-D movie places the audience front and center for the amazing moves, elaborate costumes, and intricate makeup, as well as the beauty of the movement of the acrobats' bodies. Well Done! Team Andrew Adamson and James Cameron (Pas de deux is a ballet term meaning "step of two", usually performed by a female and a male dancer. A grand pas de deux is a simple pas de deux with a definite structure of five parts: entrée, adage, variation for the danseuse, variation for the danseur, and the coda, in which both dancers dance together. The grand pas de deux also refers to a style of ballet produced during the early nineteenth century in which the accent was on the conveyance of a mood to a story, as in World's Away, a romance)
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By CityGirlElaine
Written June 22, 2017
While I am a fan of Le Cirque, this was mediocre at best. There is no dialogue, you "float" through the story. You're better off going to see them live!
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Worlds Away indeed

By jimgeuin
Written April 24, 2017
My wife and I have seen 4 Cirque stage productions, including Michael Jackson's tribute. We took four with us to the Worlds Away presentation, two of which saw La Nouba with us in Orlando. Every one was impressed by the production . . . my wife and I soon figured out that the Worlds Away was a preview, if you will, of some of the great shows that are resident in Las Vegas. For a seasoned Cirque fan, as a review of what is offered, or a novice who will be awed by the production, I'd recommend it to all . . .
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An experience in another world

By olyrose
Written January 21, 2017
It could have used a little more story-telling for the story line, but the visuals and dancing were breathtaking, as usual for Cirque du Soleil. James Cameron out-did himself on the creative, innovative production. The scenes with the vertical wall were astounding.....
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A new perspective

By Camelot
Written May 26, 2016
A stunning visual into Cirque that you probably haven't seen before, even if you're an ardent fan. It'is full of the artistry, imagery and magic that has become the signature of Cirque, but somehow it misses something in translation to the big screen. That may be inevitable since you know that every movie is going to be perfect, unlike in real life where there's always a chance, no matter how small, that someone will slip, or miss their cue. I also found it a little jarring with the changing camera angles and especially the use of slow motion at points. Sure, you get to see a different viewpoint of the artists, and maybe see a detail that you wouldn't have seen from the 20th row, but somehow, at least to me, Cirque is all about the overall encompassing image. The wide panning shots worked better, at least for me. Overall, though, it was an enjoyable ride that covered several of their live shows. Worth seeing even if you don't leave with quite the same high that get in real life.
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