Looks effortless

By kimjackie
Written December 22, 2012
The movie was excellent...My husband and I both said we could have passed on the narrative with the girl wandering through the tents and so forth, but otherwise it was beautifully done...The performers make it look effortless yet we know how difficult it can be...The water scenes were amazing and the running through the cages high up in the air was extraordinary...My husband tried to copy one of the moves in the show which was to hold me with one arm yet he dropped me so we know its difficult and you must be very strong.....We cannot imagine all the practice that goes into this......My husband and I have been to Vegas many times, but have never been able to get tickets to the live show so this was a great opportunity to see it...It now makes us want to see it in person even more.....
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A new perspective

By Camelot
Written December 21, 2012
A stunning visual into Cirque that you probably haven't seen before, even if you're an ardent fan. It'is full of the artistry, imagery and magic that has become the signature of Cirque, but somehow it misses something in translation to the big screen. That may be inevitable since you know that every movie is going to be perfect, unlike in real life where there's always a chance, no matter how small, that someone will slip, or miss their cue. I also found it a little jarring with the changing camera angles and especially the use of slow motion at points. Sure, you get to see a different viewpoint of the artists, and maybe see a detail that you wouldn't have seen from the 20th row, but somehow, at least to me, Cirque is all about the overall encompassing image. The wide panning shots worked better, at least for me. Overall, though, it was an enjoyable ride that covered several of their live shows. Worth seeing even if you don't leave with quite the same high that get in real life.
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By billpfaff
Written December 23, 2012
We have seen two live Cirque shows and loved both. Accordingly, I think both venues have their advantage. Seeing Cirque live is truly an experience but the movie allows you to see it from perspectives that live can't offer. Things like aerial shots and slow motion among others truly offer a different view. We'll continue to go see live shows but if they come out with another movie we'll be front and center to see it. Finally, as always the talent of the participants is unquestionable. The dedication of these people to master their talents is mind boggling,
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This is AWESOME!!!! GO!!!

Written December 31, 2012
This is SO beyond "so-so"..I've been to Cirque several times. Not having the multi -hundreds of dollars it costs to sit front row I have sat in the "cheap seats"($100). If you want to be able to see the real artistry with a" front row seat you are there" feel go to this. I enjoyed it better than the real thing. It was the best of any number of shows from Vegas. For aerialists making catches on equipment or with each other you get close-ups sometimes in slo-mo so that you can see the danger and beauty of it. You get underwater shots that you can't see live. The 3D doespn't jump out at youI It gives the sets the depth and feel of being there. You want to applaud after each scene. For $10 (bargain matinee) I didn't have to fight traffic, pay for parking or use binoculars to see anything up close. I will go back and see it again. This is a great way to see Crique if you never have. None of the stunts these artisits do is easy. Appreciate how much training it takes. GO!!
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Crrque du Soleil Worlds Away

By rachaei78
Written December 23, 2012
Absolutely spectacular. A visual masterpiece and a joy to listen to. Being able to see the performers up close and watch their facial expressions is something you never get at an actual Cirque performance. Loved every minute.
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