Delirium - Cirque du Soleil

By datgrl
Written July 29, 2008
Having seen the live stage show, it will be hard to imagine what the film experience will be. I saw Journey of Man at the Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC (in 3d) and it was fantastic. I have to believe that the Cirque creators will hold the same standard of quality for the film as they do for their live performances.
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Save your money for a live performance

By spanoulis
Written August 23, 2008
If you've never seen a Cirque du Soleil show live, don't see one in a theater first. I'm a big Cirque fan; I've seen nearly every show, and I have to say there is NO comparison to live. It was neat to see a new performance, but you really do lose a lot in the theater. Even though the picture was enormous, and the sound spectacular, you miss the sights, sounds, atmosphere of being there live. During some of the acrobatics, ordinarily, the audience watches, mouths agape, eyes glued to the stage, intent to find out what happens next. On film, you almost get bored. You see only what the videographers and director want you to see. Cirque happens all around you in a live show. You have the choice where to focus your attention. As I looked around the theater, all I saw was blank stares and expressionless faces. Even at $20 per ticket, I saw cell phones opening and closing, people texting, people coming and going. As far as Cirque goes, Delirium was probably my least favorite.
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cirque du soleil delirium

By goodflickswithjim
Written August 22, 2008
good as a "flick" to see but makes me want to see the real thing!
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Cirque deserves better

By Aia
Written August 27, 2008
l must say l was extremely disappointed. 2/3 of the show was jazz-not my favourite-and not even very goodjazz. The imagery was disjointed and unnecessarily lude in some sections, and unimaginative in most. l cannot believe some of the choreography-the dancers reminded me more of a patient undergoing electric shock therapy or a two-year old with ice down their knickers than real artists who are supposed to uphold Cirque's reputation for strength and grace. The story line was severely lacking, and half-arsed, and it felt like the whole show was unfinished. Cirque da Soleil deserves better work from their people; l am very surprised they put this out in public in such a state. Overall, l want my 2 hours and 20 dollars back.
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By hoomai29
Written August 23, 2008
Beautiful, sad, weird and ecstatic--as Cirque du Soliel shows always are. A wonderful alternative, particulalry for small towns to the $100/ticket costs of seeing the show in Chicago or Vegas.
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