CIRQUE DU FREAK. Not freaky enough! Grade: C-minus. (Based on a advance VIP press preview)

Written October 21, 2009
This 1hr 48mins movie-adaptation of Darren Shan's first three volumes of The Saga of Darren Shan was ineptly directed by Paul Weitz and terribly edited by Leslie Jones. Poorly choreographed fight scenes, uneven plot flow, characters that suffered from a lack of depth and development, under-utilization of talented actors/actresses, freshman-level special effects plus the below-average direction and choppy editing earned this movie its C-minus grade. Only John C. Reilly, Ken Watanabe, and Josh Hutcherson's performances saved this lame movie from an outright D. Chris Massoglia who played Darren Shan was given way too much weight in this movie and his acting skills paled in comparison to the talented scene-stealing Josh Hutcherson. The 'freaks' were not given enough screen time. The ending sets up for a possible sequel. VERDICT: I was disappointed by this movie because I had such high expectations for it. However, I'm sure CIRQUE DU FREAK will find its audience.
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Must go!

By shawnpace1
Written January 08, 2009
This movie is going to rock. I've seen parts of the filming and it's awsome.
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Must See!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By dirtbike50
Written October 12, 2008
This movie is going to be foukin awsome.It is going to be filled with awsome ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Vampires assistant

By Ph03nix26
Written November 05, 2009
I went to see it with my husband and I am a huge fan of John c rieley he's a great actor . Although his role in this movie is a bit serious he still finds a way to make it light and funny. We both loved the movie. The only problem I had was the young actrss who played the love intrest to Darren . She seemed bland. Other than that the movie was great
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Great movie!

By xmonroex
Written October 24, 2009
I have absolutely no interest in vampire movies. The only reason I went to see this movie was because of the scare zone at the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights (Orlando,FL). After seeing the scare zone numerous times, I wanted to see how everything related. I thought the previews made the movie look completely stupid and I thought John C. Reilly was cheesy and ridiculous. However, my opinion completely changed after watching the movie. It was amazing. The subtle costuming effects were perfect. John C. Reilly was a great fit for this role, he played it perfectly. The subtle details are what made this film excellent. Everything was explained without boring the audience. The character development was great, but they left out some information as to the "why." They set up for a sequel perfectly. The movie exceeded my expectations and I am excited for the next one.
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