Cinemark Dark Knight Marathon Synopsis
See The Dark Knight Marathon at Cinemark! See 3 Batman movies back-to-back for one price: $25 (non-XD presentations) and $30 (XD presentations).

Movie Reviews

Dark Night Rises

By mauiandmovies
Definitely a go to finish out the trilogy! Not as entertaining as 1 or 2. A bit heavy on action light on plot, and the villain is no Joker, but the ending is worth it all!...

Dark Knight Marathon

By lsusaints1fan
I bought a ticket the day before, then something came up, & I couldn't go. I tried to get a refund, but it was a no go. Then tried selling it, but again, nothing. My first movie marathon, & I...


By sagarcia05
First two movies were good (like always) dark knight rises was a bit of a let down. For all the hype it got I expected more. Overall the experience was a good one...

Dark Knight Rises

By littlesmed
I went to the marathon and it was great! The theater staff was great at keeping people from distracting others during the movie. I am glad they are willing to take those measures to let us enjoy the...

The Dark Knight Rises

By kirz10red
My son and I attended the Dark Knight Marathon at Cinemark on July 19th. Nine hours of Batman and Batman was amazing! Seeing all three movies the same night was genius! Each played on...

***Great Time***

By SGTRumm318
The Dark Knight Rises was a great movie and what made it even better was see the first two in the trilogy again before seeing the final chapter. It was a great movie it is a must....

Must See

By dchilaw27
While the new movie might not have the charisma of The Joker, the epic scope of the new movie and the sheer brutality of Bane makes this movie an edge of the seat, epic thriller. Fantastic!...

Great movies

By November_Rain
I did not regret going to this. It was nice seeing the earlier movies right before I saw the new one. It was great fun. The new movie was amazing and everyone should go see it. It is my favorite...

Dark Knight Marathon

By wolfesblood
My wife, son and I went to the Cinemark in Harker Heights. We had a great time and felt it was a semi fair price. I say semi because eight dollors for each of the older movies was ok but I think with...

Great Fun Watching a Great Film Series

By SteelerFanMom
Attending a marathon of all three of the films was great fun, but perhaps clouded my assessment of the last installment. I have never sat through a marathon like that and was worried about being so...

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