Happy ending

By lauriesz06
Written August 09, 2014
This movie is very said but the dad and mom stay strong to do every thing they can to help there family.??????
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Without A Doubt One Of The Top 20 Films Of All Time

By Jon Rambo
Written August 17, 2015
The film "Cinderella Man" makes the infamous list of MY TOP 20 FILMS OF ALL TIME with ease! It's both Ron Howard's (Apollo 13) and Russell Crowe's (Gladiator) greatest film throughout their extremely impressing and illustrious careers. A genuine masterpiece that will emotionally bring you to your knees and to your feet. I can say with the utmost confidence that "Cinderella Man" is arguably the greatest film in the history of the professional sports genre and without argument it's the GREATEST boxing film of all time. Russell Crowe's magnetic and visceral portrayal of James Braddock is still without a doubt one of the greatest acting performances of all time.
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Five Word Review

By critcallyme
Written October 08, 2009
great dramatic come-back sports story
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By far the greatest movie ever!~

By serged999
Written December 08, 2007
I absolutely loved this movie!!! I have probably seen it 15 times and never tire of the fightings scenes, triumph of good over evil, better than rocky punch out. It is a comeback movie, make you feel good movie, Rudy movie. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!
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