See it in


By donnamomto4
Written June 17, 2015
The cinematography was amazing. The props were so detailed. The film gave more back story on her family and I loved that. The transformation scene was incredible the animals were particularly incredible. They made the many small adjustments that added to the movie, one thing I loved was when the fairy godmother did magic so the step family wouldn't recognize her. My favorite thing that I don't know if anyone else noticed was during the ball scenes in the background you can see several disney princesses (or at least dresses that were designed to imply the princesses) I saw Tiana, Belle, Snow White, and Mulan. There were others I thought might be princesses but I wasn't 100%. I found it interesting the lavender blue dilly dilly originally from the disney movie so dear to my heart sung and by Burl Ives was featured in the new Cinderella and sung at least twice with scores of the song used as well.
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Can't Wait

By funnyjoni
Written June 12, 2015
Love the colorful style. It's nice to see a fairly tale that hasn't been remade as a darker version.
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By boo53098
Written June 16, 2015
My friends and I (who are HUGE Disney fans) went to a special screening back in July 2014. We were VERY disappointed with how this movie turned out. The story was so slow and boring! I was just waiting for it to end! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE TO ANYONE!
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Looks Good

By ShanynD
Written June 12, 2015
Trailer looks like it will be amazing!!! My daughter will love it!
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Definitely will go see!

By nansee_c
Written June 12, 2015
It's a must see classic...though the actress isn't actually Lily Collins, but in fact Lily James...sorry Fandango, thought you might like to correct that.
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