Cinco de Mayo: The Battle Synopsis
Cinco de Mayo chronicles the bravery of a people pushed to the limit, fighting for their nation, their families and their pride.
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Great Movie

By themoviefan32x
The movie depicts in great reality The Battle of 5 de Mayo and how an army composed mostly of peasents, older men, and young soilders -barely 16 years old- who were all forced to join the mexican...

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By charly2184
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great movie

By gatoboxer
must watch...

Dont Watch This Movie.

By lilarodriguz516
Since This Is Rated R. I Will Say... ^^^^ THIS MOVIE!...

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By 166634082
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By moussiie
Good movie to go watch and learn what Cinco De Mayo is all about!!!...

very good!!

By den-667
It is a very good movie and it remaind us that if we work together everything is possible :)...

By mysweets27
One of the most graphic movies I have seen in awhile but so worth it. Amazing...

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By ibog56
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By dmp1950
Were is this movie I been looking not playing in Sacramento,ca I would like to see it is there a video out...

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Rated R | For Battle Violence and Some Language