CHUNHYANG ~ Ravishingly Romantic Epic

By lugubriousthespian
Written December 09, 2015
Korean film-makers these days certainly have a pulse not only on cutting-edge cinematic technique but also on a artistic style and panache! Lauded director Im Kwon Taek's CHUNHYANG is a sumptuous masterwork of storytelling on a grand scale. Basically treading the same themes of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, Taek's film centers on the impenetrable love between a nobleman's son and courtesan's daughter in feudal Korea circa 1800s. When their love is put to the test of time and the cruelties of a corrupt, evil governor, a grand sweeping epic of lavish costumes, operatic drama and powerful imagery emerges. Certainly and art-house favorite, but also can be enjoyed on the basic levels time honored tale of love knows no bounds! A must-see for those discerning something unique!
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