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can't believe it

By themoviereviewer
Written December 24, 2007
I keep seeing these movies because of the cast is still together after all of these movies. What about the other 2 kids? I hope they don't die. In Prince Caspian they are all together, but according to the overview the others won't be there. I'll go anyway.
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By Pirate rock 21
Written December 06, 2007
hey hopfully a good movie just hav hope!!!!!
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This Lion will rock your world!

By mike1972r
Written November 20, 2010
Just saw it last night at sneak preview. It is wonderful movie. Takes some liberty with the original story from the book but overall there is a little bit for everyone in the family and the ending is just beautiful. There is one strong scene that might be a little scary for smaller children near the end of the movie when they battle the sea serpent. Great characters and the acting overall was strong. Definitely a must see!!!
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outstanding! You have to see it! Go to the theater! Do it now!

By cylarz
Written December 11, 2010
I've been waiting for this movie ever since before the first one, as "Dawn Treader" was my favorite book in the series. It was definitely worth the wait! The acting is absolutely superb, the computer animation and set design is beyond description, and the lessons are worth heeding. The Dawn Treader itself was so beautiful, I literally cried when it first appeared on the screen, and I could say similar about many of the locales visited in the film. It's a story of adventure, courage, daring, danger, and moral choices. The character of Eustace is especially interesting; it's fun to watch him change over the course of the movie as he learns some important lessons. Aslan was also a delight to see and behold; Liam Neeson was the perfect choice for his voice and the lion is beautifully animated. Though the story strays from the book here and there, it's largely true to the original. Don't wait for the Blu-Ray - watch it now in the theater! Best film so far this year. See this movie!
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By jhubach1
Written May 12, 2009
this movie look like an awesome movie i cant wait to see it heard it comes out December 10, 2010 this movie look Sweeeeeet! i think it will be really great..................
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