Best found footage /super natural ability /coming-of-age film ever made

By chambertlo
Written February 01, 2015
After being disappointed with pretty much every X-men movie, I went in expecting a lot from this film, since it looked to really showcase the most important feature of these types of film; the POWERS!Fortunately, this film surpassed each and every one of my expectations. It embodies everything that makes these types of films enjoyable; a great cast, a relatable storyline, and excellent effects. It is going to be hard for Hollywood to top this one. Don't read any reviews, and just go see it now. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.
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Think of it as Cloverfield first person handicam movie with nice special effects

By Dark_Chameleon
Written February 03, 2012
A couple of people walked out 10 minutes into the movie and i couldnt blame them, but what i decided to stick around and thankfully so, it really starts off slowly and amateurish but develops into quite a good movie, yes its a little ridiculous to always have some camera taking shots like the girlfriend of one of the stars who happens to have a blog site so she does the filming too and peoples videos patched together, store videos, police cams, etc. It was a surprisingly good movie and you should if going hold out for longing into the movie and expect the blair witch/cloverfield rocking cam, and forget that every second seems to be caught by other peoples cameras as much as the stars. Grade :B (i prefer the action flick without the frist person cam but for that its good)
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Completely Surpassed my already High Expectations

By CosmicCody
Written February 04, 2012
i have no idea where these bad reviews are coming from. people obviously have favorite movies and dont allow themselves to like anything else. im gonna go ahead and say i am a sucker for superpower movies. ive always been fascinated by them and wanted em! so this movie was a dream come true for me. i loved the idea of 3 teenage kids getting powers, and actually using them the way we would!!! we all know if we had powers, we'd skrew around a little, or alot! These are high school teens and throughout a majority of the first half, we see them pull practical jokes and whatnot. its hilariously brilliant. at the same time, i could feel the emotion behind Andrews broken home. its emotionally brilliant, the action sequences were pulse pounding. the first person view made it immerse you with them. Plus the last 20-30 minutes was action packed thrilling and plenty of "OH SH*T!" moments were had in the theater. loved it. i would def see it on the big screen plenty more times. 5 stars.
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Beyond Expectations: A Tour de Force of Special Effects and Character Development

By eyelikeoldies
Written February 04, 2012
When I go to a movie in the SciFi/Fantasy genre, I just want to escape reality for a couple of hours. If the effects are good, I don't need strong believable plots or character development. A current sound track with tunes I want to check out later is nice but not necessary. Chronicle delivers it all!!! The popular jock, the awkward introvert loner, and the philosopher who turned his back on his popularity all drop into a hole in the ground, and come out with developing telekinetic powers. How will it change them? Will it warp or strengthen their tenuous relationship? And what is the name of that awesome song and band during this incredible flying scene? The pinnacle of the handheld camera genre film which began with the Blair Witch Project is chronicled in Chronicle. See it! Multiple times! We are still talking about it 12 hours later. Now thats a movie with impact.
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By moose0412
Written February 09, 2012
It look so cool in the previews. They put it out to be awesome but the middle starts the down hill process by the ending i was pissed off completely because it wasn't at all what i expected or wanted it to be.. Definetly wait till its in the 5 dollar wal mart bin id say.. not worth the money at the movies or if it goes on DVD Definetly would rather save that extra 25 30 bucks.. Nothing to rush to go see. i wouldn't recommend it to everyone i know. There were some funny parts in it which kept me in the theater besides the fact i spent money on the tickets.
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