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Three high-school friends make a discovery that gives them incredible powers.
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Best found footage /super natural ability /coming-of-age film ever made

By chambertlo
After being disappointed with pretty much every X-men movie, I went in expecting a lot from this film, since it looked to really showcase the most important feature of these types of film; the...

Think of it as Cloverfield first person handicam movie with nice special effects

By Dark_Chameleon
A couple of people walked out 10 minutes into the movie and i couldnt blame them, but what i decided to stick around and thankfully so, it really starts off slowly and amateurish but develops into...

Completely Surpassed my already High Expectations

By CosmicCody
i have no idea where these bad reviews are coming from. people obviously have favorite movies and dont allow themselves to like anything else. im gonna go ahead and say i am a sucker for superpower...

Beyond Expectations: A Tour de Force of Special Effects and Character Development

By eyelikeoldies
When I go to a movie in the SciFi/Fantasy genre, I just want to escape reality for a couple of hours. If the effects are good, I don't need strong believable plots or character development. A current...


By moose0412
It look so cool in the previews. They put it out to be awesome but the middle starts the down hill process by the ending i was pissed off completely because it wasn't at all what i expected or wanted...

Telekinesis Movie for a New Generation

By Geek Soul Brother
I remember as a kid watching CARRIE and FIRESTARTER and THE FURY. They all had people with Psychic Powers that ran crazy. I think CHRONICLE is the Telekinesis movie for this generation. The film...

Got to see it to believe it

By Mz Picaboo
This is a must see was a great dark movie with comedy. I enjoyed it with the exception of the camera. I found the actors to be very good. Ba-Bling-Ba-Bling lol!!!!!!!...

Great found footage movie!

By Ezenash
This is one of the best found footage movies I have ever seen. The first ten minutes or so are slow, but the movie starts to evolve into something pretty impressive. You get to follow most of it...


By jsw1906
I enjoyed the movie. The special effects were great! It had a pretty decent and believeable story line. I didn't care for the ending. That could have been better but overall a good movie....

Chronicle Raises The Bar

By banzaigriff
Chronicle plays like a new millenium Twilight Zone episode on steroids! The unkown cast members are convincingly adept at playing high-school seniors with winning combinations of intelligence,...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Language, Sexual Content, Intense Action and Violence, Teen Drinking and Thematic Material
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Common Sense Media says Teens get super powers in relatable but violent thriller.
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