Christopher Doyle

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Giovanni Ribisi Gangster Squad
2013 Ryan Gosling Gangster Squad
2013 Anthony Mackie Gangster Squad
2013 Sean Penn Gangster Squad
2013 Josh Brolin Gangster Squad
2013 Nick Nolte Gangster Squad
2013 Jon Polito Gangster Squad
2003 Swoosie Kurtz Duplex
2003 Drew Barrymore Duplex
2003 Wallace Shawn Duplex
2003 Ben Stiller Duplex
2003 Tracey Walter Duplex
2000 Peter Weller Shadow Hours
2000 Frederic Forrest Shadow Hours
2000 Brad Dourif Shadow Hours
1996 Bruce Dern Last Man Standing
1996 Michael Lerner Last Man Standing
1996 William Sanderson Last Man Standing
1996 Michael Imperioli Last Man Standing
1996 Bruce Willis Last Man Standing
1996 Christopher Walken Last Man Standing
1996 Jack Nance The Secret Agent Club
1996 Lesley-Anne Down The Secret Agent Club
1996 Barry Bostwick The Secret Agent Club
1996 Edward Albert The Secret Agent Club
1994 Wendie Jo Sperber Mr. Write
1994 Martin Mull Mr. Write
1994 Paul Reiser Mr. Write
1994 Andrew Robinson Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Search, Part II
1993 Rosie O'Donnell Another Stakeout
1993 Marcia Strassman Another Stakeout
1993 Cathy Moriarty Another Stakeout
1993 Miguel Ferrer Another Stakeout
1993 Dennis Farina Another Stakeout
1993 John Rubinstein Another Stakeout
1993 Richard Dreyfuss Another Stakeout
1993 Madeleine Stowe Another Stakeout
1993 Emilio Estevez Another Stakeout
1993 Ron Perlman When the Bough Breaks
1993 Martin Sheen When the Bough Breaks
1991 Paul Gleason Rich Girl
1989 Shannon Tweed Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death
1989 Adrienne Barbeau Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death
1988 Rene Enriquez Bulletproof
1988 Darlanne Fluegel Bulletproof
1988 R.G. Armstrong Bulletproof
1988 Gary Busey Bulletproof
1988 Lincoln Kilpatrick Bulletproof
1988 L.Q. Jones Bulletproof
1988 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Bulletproof
1988 William Smith Bulletproof
1988 Henry Silva Bulletproof
1987 Doug McClure Omega Syndrome
1987 Colm Meaney Omega Syndrome
1987 Ken Wahl Omega Syndrome
1987 George DiCenzo Omega Syndrome
1987 Tracey Walter Timestalkers
1987 Forrest Tucker Timestalkers
1987 Buck Taylor Timestalkers
1987 Klaus Kinski Timestalkers
1987 William Devane Timestalkers
1987 John Ratzenberger Timestalkers
1987 Lauren Hutton Timestalkers
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