Christmas Eve Synopsis
When a power outage traps six different groups of New Yorkers inside elevators on Christmas Eve, they find that laughter, romance, and a little bit of faith will get them through - and change their lives in unexpected ways.
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Movie Reviews

Great Movie

By underwoodfamily30721
So good, I watched it three times. There are so many good lines in the film. This is a great feel good movie for Christmas time. Loved the film, because Davis didn't shy away from addressing the...

Loved it!

By bretengemann
Great script, great cast, touching/funny movie. Highly recommend seeing this during the holidays!...

Holiday Fizzle

By 2mccalls
Wish it was a better film. With all the bad news on TV, we need a good Christmas movie....

Quirky and Touching

By terrinicole170
This is a must see! You learn to love people and how we are all connected!...

Simple but heartful

By frankpandat13
This movie doesn't have lots of plot.Just about strangers or normal friend stuck in a elevator for few hours and changed there feeling when they been free.I have lots of this feeling,that you stuck...

Kind of a cash grab

By Justin76
Doesn't have much to do with Christmas, wasn't very funny, most of the 6 different walking stereotype groups don't have much in the way of subtle character development or actual resolution. riddled...

I loved it!

By enge13
Funny and touching. Perfect for the Christmas season....

crap eve

By RayIii
all bad all the time. save your money. don't go. in fact if your local theater shows this do everyone a favor and stand out front and save them from the torture...

Great Indie Christmas movie for the whole family.

By tyrekepd
I am a single college student and I loved this movie. It was indie, it had a cool style, great acting, and awesome music. I mean the Kilers! C'mon son! But I am also excited to take my family to...

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Rated PG | For Some peril, thematic elements and language.
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Common Sense Media says Holiday tale has big cast, worthy messages, flawed script.
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