Christine Lakin
Date of Birth
Jan 25, 1979
Birth Place:
Dallas, TX

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Jon Lovitz Mother's Day
2016 Julia Roberts Mother's Day
2016 Kate Hudson Mother's Day
2016 Jennifer Aniston Mother's Day
2016 Sarah Chalke Mother's Day
2016 Hector Elizondo Mother's Day
2014 Jamie Lee Curtis Veronica Mars
2012 Rita Wilson Jewtopia
2012 Peter Stormare Jewtopia
2012 Tom Arnold Jewtopia
2012 Jon Lovitz Jewtopia
2011 Ray Wise Darnell Dawkins: Mouth Guitar Legend
2011 Cherry Jones New Year's Eve
2011 Carla Gugino New Year's Eve
2011 Halle Berry New Year's Eve
2011 Cary Elwes New Year's Eve
2011 Robert De Niro New Year's Eve
2011 Jim Belushi New Year's Eve
2011 Hilary Swank New Year's Eve
2011 Sarah Jessica Parker New Year's Eve
2011 Hector Elizondo New Year's Eve
2011 Michelle Pfeiffer New Year's Eve
2010 Christina Ricci Alpha and Omega
2010 Dennis Hopper Alpha and Omega
2010 Danny Glover Alpha and Omega
2010 Chris Klein Caught in the Crossfire
2010 Kathleen Quinlan Elektra Luxx
2010 Carla Gugino Elektra Luxx
2010 Anne Hathaway Valentine's Day
2010 Queen Latifah Valentine's Day
2010 Kathy Bates Valentine's Day
2010 Jamie Foxx Valentine's Day
2010 Patrick Dempsey Valentine's Day
2010 Topher Grace Valentine's Day
2010 Hector Elizondo Valentine's Day
2010 Julia Roberts Valentine's Day
2010 Shirley MacLaine Valentine's Day
2010 Jennifer Garner Valentine's Day
2010 Paul Williams Valentine's Day
2010 Jamie Lee Curtis You Again
2010 Betty White You Again
2010 Sigourney Weaver You Again
2009 Ciarán Hinds Race to Witch Mountain
2009 Carla Gugino Race to Witch Mountain
2009 Cheech Marin Race to Witch Mountain
2009 Garry Marshall Race to Witch Mountain
2008 Garry Marshall Chronic Town
2008 Paul Dooley Chronic Town
2008 Tom Sizemore Super Capers
2008 Adam West Super Capers
2008 Michael Rooker Super Capers
2008 Clint Howard Super Capers
2008 June Lockhart Super Capers
2008 Jon Polito Super Capers
2007 The Rock The Game Plan
2007 Roselyn Sanchez The Game Plan
2007 Kyra Sedgwick The Game Plan
2005 Jeremy Sisto In Memory of My Father
2005 Charles Napier Suits on the Loose
2005 Robert Prosky Suits on the Loose
2004 Neve Campbell Reefer Madness
2004 Steven Weber Reefer Madness
2004 Alan Cumming Reefer Madness
2003 Ed Begley, Jr. Going Down
2002 Dave Thomas Who's Your Daddy
2002 William Atherton Who's Your Daddy
2001 William Russ Eyes of Fire
2000 Richard Schiff Whatever It Takes
1998 Matthew Lawrence Boltneck
1998 Shelley Duvall Boltneck
1998 Judge Reinhold Boltneck
1990 Granville van Dusen The Rose and the Jackal
1990 Carrie Snodgress The Rose and the Jackal
1990 Christopher Reeve The Rose and the Jackal
1990 Jeff Corey The Rose and the Jackal
1990 Kevin McCarthy The Rose and the Jackal
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