Chris Owen

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Tara Reid American Reunion
2012 Chris Klein American Reunion
2012 Eugene Levy American Reunion
2012 Jason Biggs American Reunion
2012 Alyson Hannigan American Reunion
2007 Andre Braugher Stephen King's The Mist
2007 Frances Sternhagen Stephen King's The Mist
2007 Marcia Gay Harden Stephen King's The Mist
2005 Eugene Levy American Pie Presents: Band Camp
2005 Bill Pullman Dear Wendy
2004 Louise Lasser National Lampoon's Gold Diggers
2004 Renée Taylor National Lampoon's Gold Diggers
2001 Chris Klein American Pie 2
2001 Tara Reid American Pie 2
2001 Eugene Levy American Pie 2
2001 Jason Biggs American Pie 2
2001 Alyson Hannigan American Pie 2
2000 Martin Landau Ready to Rumble
2000 Joe Pantoliano Ready to Rumble
2000 Oliver Platt Ready to Rumble
2000 Rose McGowan Ready to Rumble
2000 Scott Caan Ready to Rumble
2000 Kathleen Freeman Ready to Rumble
2000 David Arquette Ready to Rumble
1999 Chris Klein American Pie
1999 Alyson Hannigan American Pie
1999 Tara Reid American Pie
1999 Jason Biggs American Pie
1999 Eugene Levy American Pie
1999 Lawrence Pressman American Pie
1999 Chris Cooper October Sky
1999 Laura Dern October Sky
1999 Jake Gyllenhaal October Sky
1998 Seth Green Can't Hardly Wait
1998 Lauren Ambrose Can't Hardly Wait
1998 Jennifer O'Neill The Ride
1998 Michael Biehn The Ride
1996 David Spade Black Sheep
1996 Tim Matheson Black Sheep
1996 Gary Busey Black Sheep
1996 Christine Ebersole Black Sheep
1996 Chris Farley Black Sheep
1995 Irvin Kershner Angus
1995 Rita Moreno Angus
1995 Lawrence Pressman Angus
1995 George C. Scott Angus
1995 Kathy Bates Angus
1995 Michael Ironside Major Payne
1995 William Hickey Major Payne
1995 Damon Wayans Major Payne
1994 Mary Steenburgen It Runs in the Family
1994 Charles Grodin It Runs in the Family
1994 Dick O'Neill It Runs in the Family
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