Chris Gampel

Worked With

Year Name Title
1980 Barry Morse The Changeling
1980 John Russell The Changeling
1980 George C. Scott The Changeling
1980 Jean Marsh The Changeling
1980 Eric Christmas The Changeling
1980 John Colicos The Changeling
1980 Melvyn Douglas The Changeling
1979 Vincent Gardenia Firepower
1979 Anthony Franciosa Firepower
1979 George Grizzard Firepower
1979 Dominic Chianese Firepower
1979 Billy Barty Firepower
1979 O.J. Simpson Firepower
1979 Eli Wallach Firepower
1979 James Coburn Firepower
1979 Sophia Loren Firepower
1979 Victor Mature Firepower
1977 Christopher Walken Annie Hall
1977 Walter Bernstein Annie Hall
1977 Woody Allen Annie Hall
1977 Tony Roberts Annie Hall
1977 Paul Simon Annie Hall
1977 Sigourney Weaver Annie Hall
1977 Tracey Walter Annie Hall
1977 Diane Keaton Annie Hall
1977 Beverly D'Angelo Annie Hall
1977 Shelley Duvall Annie Hall
1977 Dick Cavett Annie Hall
1977 Colleen Dewhurst Annie Hall
1977 Jeff Goldblum Annie Hall
1977 John Glover Annie Hall
1977 Carol Kane Annie Hall
1974 Stephen Elliott Death Wish
1974 Hope Lange Death Wish
1974 Charles Bronson Death Wish
1974 Olympia Dukakis Death Wish
1974 Christopher Guest Death Wish
1974 William Redfield Death Wish
1974 Vincent Gardenia Death Wish
1974 Jeff Goldblum Death Wish
1971 Gerald O'Loughlin Desperate Characters
1971 Sada Thompson Desperate Characters
1971 Carol Kane Desperate Characters
1971 Shirley MacLaine Desperate Characters
1971 Kenneth Mars Desperate Characters
1956 Henry Fonda The Wrong Man
1956 Vera Miles The Wrong Man
1956 Charles Aidman The Wrong Man
1956 Henry Beckman The Wrong Man
1956 Werner Klemperer The Wrong Man
1956 Nehemiah Persoff The Wrong Man
1956 Harold J. Stone The Wrong Man
1956 Tuesday Weld The Wrong Man
1956 Anthony Quayle The Wrong Man
1953 Bramwell Fletcher King Lear
1953 Orson Welles King Lear
1953 Beatrice Straight King Lear
1953 Alan Badel King Lear
1953 Lloyd Bochner King Lear
1953 Wesley Addy King Lear
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