Very pedestrian attempt....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written May 10, 2010 what was supposed to be a cerebral,as well as an erotic, psychological thriller. I am really surprised at this,considering Neeson and Moore are such solid artists. In fact, such graphic nudity and sexuality in movies is extremely distasteful to me,and against what I believe should be put on film.However I was intrigued by idea of seeing what these two Hollywood mainstays would do with it.Although Moore's work was extremely satisfying,the dialogue and context were what was missing. Neeson was average,and Seifried's role could have been played by almost any actress in the age range. The graphic dialogue took away the sensuality of women and their thoughts and fantasys--even their "M.O.s" so to speak. Chloe's opening dialogue with the "peeking" at her getting dressed was more erotic than a graphic sex scene,and the director should have kept at that level of vicariousness for the audience.Good potential in story,would have been better with more story and less blatancy and pornograph
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No depth below the surface

By laurikey
Written April 05, 2010
OK, so we know that Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore's characters need some more pizzazz in their marriage. I understand that the mind can bring out one's insecurities, one's passions, and one's imagination. HOWEVER, if a filmmaker is going to add some psycho pathology to the story, can he/she please not insult the viewer's intelligence and please provide some character depth to the "villain"? The director is counting on the audience's love of erotic allusions, and love for the 2 lead actors, but the character development was basically nonexistent, especially of Chloe. Is that intentional? Even if so, then we need to know more about what makes the husband and wife's relationship so troubled. This was one weird movie that tried too hard to be one part psychological study, other part erotica, and both laid flat.
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stupid...indie wannabe

By analafanatica
Written April 27, 2010
So bad I won't even write more...
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Unexpected turn at the end saves this from a NO

By birac
Written May 24, 2010
Movie would have been far better with a little more depth to the lead character, history of the marriage, and leaving the graphic scenes a little more 'implied'. This is soft porn,which detracts from the potential thriller genre. It hurts...because I love Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore. I used to think she was such a class act. Seyfried will be good some day,she should have been more selective and insisted this script was given some substance,or just passed on it.
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Five Word Review

By brownrf
Written March 27, 2010
felt embarrassed for lead actors
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