What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Chloe is an adults-only tale of sex, betrayal, deception, and obsession. Teens might be interested in seeing the red-hot Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!, Jennifer's Body, Dear John), who appears partly naked here, in her first grown-up role, but families should beware: The movie is extremely frank with its sex scenes (including one between two women) and sex talk, and there is some strong language (including "f--k" and "s--t"), though drinking and violence are mild.
  • Families can talk about how the lack of communication drives a wedge in between these family members. Which makes more sense: to sneak around and find evidence, or to talk openly? Which is more difficult? Why? Do the communication difficulties in the movie reflect those in your family? What can you do to improve family communication?
  • What lessons about sex does this movie teach, if any? Do you think the movie portrays realistic intimacy between adults? If teens fans of Amanda Seyfried see the movie: Does seeing her in this adult role change the way you think about her? Do you like her more or less? Why?
  • Is Chloe a bad person? Is she crazy, or just in love?
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