By disocpfeiffer
Written April 22, 2012
Loved this movie. It was short. I wish it was a little longer. But I am just so thrilled that I had a part in helping out the Jane Goodall Foundation. (as you know every ticket sold, she will donate money to the cause). I love anything to do with the wild, Jane Goodall, chimpanzees and gorillas. I met Jane Goodall years ago at a Peace Day festival at Griffin Park. She is such an inspiration. She also did her chimpanzee call. This movie really depicts how closely related we all are. WE have feelings, have relationships with our family and our group. Chimpanzees are so intelligent. Just to watch them solve problems, such as finding food or the best way to fish food out of small crevices or how to break nuts open is just so mind blowing. They look and act in ways that mimic human personalities. It is a must see...and must buy if it's ever available to purchase.
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Worst movie I ever saw.

By littlemissdancingkat
Written May 02, 2012
This was the worst movie ever. It was sad, and boring. Scary storms and dying mothers. It was horrible and I don't even know why someone would ever see it or even make a movie on this. The ants were DISGUSTING! Yeah the chimpanzee was cute, but they would…. kill monkeys! Never bring a child that is young! I think this movie is 13+. It is intense and very mature. I thought the narrator was annoying. There also was a war type of thing going on with the chimpanzees and the "rebels" It was ADORABLE how they named the chimpanzees, but the rest wasn't good. The clips of seeing the jungle were beautiful but that only was sometimes.
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By zoe2dave
Written May 06, 2012
This was amazing the photography was so great, fell in love with Oscar and the whole gang, learned so much about their lives, loves and struggles , want to see it again.
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Chimpanzee is a precious movie!

By kathieh
Written April 24, 2012
Chimpanzee was a wonderful family movie that I would recommend for any family with children of any age. It was an exciting trip to follow a tiny baby Chimpanzee through it's trials and tribulations. It also is exceptionally rewarding to see how much love and devotion Chimpanzee's have for one another. The cinematography is breathtaking. It was well worth the trip to the theater!!
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Excellent movie!

By livinnuts
Written April 22, 2012
I have to agree to disagree with the NO reviews. The packed theatre clapped when the movie was over. My husband and I loved it and the kids behind us (aged 7 to 12) were really into it as i could hear their comments throughout the movie. Tim Allen did a tremendous job narrating. The scenery was beautiful, the music was fantastic. I judge movies on how well they play on my emotions and this one had it all. Humor, sadness, lovingness, anger...the whole 9 yards. Of course they didn't show the chimps in battle as that would have even scared me - glad they left it to my imagination. You can't help but fall in love with the chimps as you can see their individual personalities, their strengths and their intelligence. This is a MUST GO movie for all ages and great movie for families. Finallly - a G movie that has substance! GO SEE IT - worth every dollar AND some of the ticket price goes to the Jane Goodall Foundation to help save these s animals from extinction.
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