Chimpanzee was incredible

By crks
Written April 23, 2012
The story was so heart warming and the filming/scenery was amazing. Tim Allen' as the choice for narrator was perfect. We took my 4 yr old and she loved it. Some potentially intense scenes but nothing bloody or gory is shown, so real little ones will not completely understand what is going on. Perfect for any age
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Good for kids, they should say however that mom is killed by a panther

By sanjay srikonda
Written April 23, 2012
This part of the movie were kind of shockers. It took my 8 year old by surprise and it kind of made her sad for the remainder of the movie. Otherwise, good for kids.
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By jasetillman
Written May 14, 2012
Absolutely fantastic. Great movie for the entire family. Great story and cinematography! We took all three of our boys (ages 11, 9, and 6) on Mother's Day and it was the perfect movie because it showed the bond that the mama chimpanzee had with her son Oscar. The narration made you really feel like you knew what the chimps were thinking.
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By rbutler28
Written April 29, 2012
Good Movie my 6 year old grand daughter lost interest quick but my 10 year old grandson loved it. I thought it was a great movie. I however, grew up with monkeys as pets so it brought back memories. I would go see it again.
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Fantastic Insight Into the Lives of our Nearest Cousins

By thplatypus
Written April 24, 2012
This film has some gorgeous footage that will leave you wondering just how it was filmed. The narrative is playful and manages to piece together a consistent story about an individual chimpanzee - a difficult feat to accomplish in a real-life nature film. The battling of chimpanzees is not presented in all its brutality, but this is a G-rated film, so that's to be expected. I still came away feeling like I knew much more about Chimpanzees, and was glad my 10 year old son had the experience of watching it as well.
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