An Awesome, Touching Visit with Chimpanzees

By jzactor
Written April 23, 2012
Chimpanzee is truly awesome and truly touching as we follow the life of Oscar, a very young Chimp. It involves the trials, tribulations and learning experience Oscar is on which is so almost human it is remarkable. The photography and film crew did an amazing job being so close to the chimps and placing the viewer among them. It is truly remarklable. I did not like Tim Allen's narration, to be honest. It took away from the experience for me. It was his overdone tone & the script, geared for the very young, Other than that, it is a great film and I left in awe, wonder, and gratitude for these amazingly intelligent creatures who display such care for each other and a sense of community and belonging that we humans could learn from and practice more. Kudos to the film crew, make sure you stay thru the credits to see what the film crew went thru. This is a wonderful film for all ages. I left with appreciation and admiration for these amazing and intelligent creatures.
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A movie with all the emotion and none of the R rated issues!

By cyfoztycal
Written April 28, 2012
Such a fresh breath of air! This is one of those movies that you don't have to worry about the movie "over educating" your family. It touches on all the emotions highs and lows but in such a wonderful way that you can come out this movie saying that that little Oscar is such a blessing!
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Beautiful, touching

By misslillianc
Written April 23, 2012
If you're a nature lover or an animal lover, this is the film to see. The cinematography is breathtaking, beautiful and, at times, very intimate. The story of "Oscar" is touching, sad and heartwarming. Tell younger children that everything works out "okay".for Oscar.
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Great popcorn movie

By a star gal
Written April 21, 2012
Loved Chimpanzee ~ way too wonderful for words. Makes you think about that 98% shared Gene pool ~ it does seem to be simple ~ eat, sleep, groom, wander and play with your friends, and defend the nut trees. Why do we make it so complicated? And I want to be groomed....
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Not for small children

By SailboatRacer
Written April 24, 2012
The story was heartwarming, the photography of the African jungle was spectacular, and the chimpanzees were adorable. However, I think the battles between the rival chimpanzee tribes and the sadness of Oscar being alone after the death of his mother would be disturbing for small children. It scared me, and I was glad that I had not brought the grandchildren. Maybe I'm just a wuss. When I was about six years old, I freaked out at "Sleeping Beauty" when the witch turned into a dragon.
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