chimpanzee was great

By drlou71
Written April 30, 2012
very educational and heart-warming. Tim Allen as the narrator was fantastic, especially when he was talking about "tools". My kids loved it (3.5 and 6.5 y/o).
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CHIMPANZEE ... go see it :)

By Buckelew
Written April 21, 2012
I took my two granddaughters 7 and 10 and they both really enjoyed the movie.. I enjoyed it also it was better than I thought it was going to be :)... my granddaughter said" it wasn't really boring like a documentary"...
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Great Movie!!

By rlcaruso
Written April 24, 2012
I took my 4 kids to see this film and we ALL LOVED IT! Their ages are 6, 9, 11, 12 and I'm 42 and we were all so moved by the story and by the amazing cinematography. WOW! It's so beautiful and wild and primal. Everyone should see this film and be awed by the chimp community; their fierce love, sense of community, and sacrifice for the betterment of the group. Really amazing. Humans could learn so much if we could just get over our arrogance at being the "smarter" species.
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Wonderful movie... great movie, great story to educate kids

By izaura_baeta
Written April 23, 2012
I had the opportunity to watch the movie this weekend with my kids (8 and 6) and husband. My girls and me were very touched with the story. Myself and my 6 years old girl cried. I recommend everyone to get some time (1 hours and 15 min.) to watch, the message was wonderful.
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By natashaov24
Written April 27, 2012
hubby,kids and i had a great time! mus go see this cute movie, my hubby even cried
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